DIY Decor Crafts - OFT Crafts Round Up! Post 1

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is a Round-Up post, something I haven’t done in a while! For those unaware, in a roundup post, I curate and share a list of links to multiple things related to one topic! Today I’m keeping it within this site, and rounding up all of OFT’s previous Décor related Crafts up to this point!

Each décor craft featured in this post is from OFT’s post archives, I’ll be doing my best to write the year next to each link, I am also going to sort these into some categories! :) Let’s go! :)))

DIY Décor Crafts - OFT Crafts Round Up! Post 1

Kawaii Themed Décor DIY Crafts:

3 Step by Step Kawaii Paintings (2018)

2 Cat Themed DIY’s (2018)

Princess Household Items DIY’s (2015)

Royally Cute Household DIY’s (2018)

No Sew Candy Pillow (2017)

Glitter Jars (2017)

Kawaii Cactus Woodblock Painting (2017)

Boba Tea Plushie (2017)

Recycled / Upcycled Themed Décor DIY Crafts:

Recycled Vase (2017)

Bulletin Board (2020)

Shell Crafts (2017)

Recycled Cup (2017)

Haunted Portrait (2016)

Fandom / Pop Culture Themed Décor DIY Crafts:

ACNH DIY Recipe Card (2020)

Potion Bottle Ornaments (2017)

Customized Fidget Spinners (2017)

Minion Jar (2017)

Storage Décor Crafts:

Dress Up Box (2020)

Self-Care Box (2018)

Emoji Box (2017)

Wall Décor:

Reminders List (2017)

Inspirational Decor Level 1 (2017)

Inspirational Decor Level 2 (2017)

Inspirations List (2017)

Name Banner (2017)

Funky Letters (2016)

What other kinds of Décor (or any other category) crafts do you want to see in the next OFT Crafts Round Up! Post? Suggest your category in the comments if you want, I’d love to hear them!

Thank you so much for checking out this post :) No promos today, since this is a round up post :3

Stay awesome, and remember to love yourself!