DIY Inspirational Decor Level 2

Ciao lovelies! Today we're making more inspiring decor, but this time with slightly more difficulty- level 2!
We will be upcycling a halloween sign!
What we will need:
-Scrapbooking paper
-Old sign

 First take out the old ribbon, and then cover the backside with your papers.
 Attach your string, I even looped mine through heart-shape buttons at each side.
 Write your quote with permanent marker.
Decorate as desired and hang up!

What do you lovelies think of this project?
Do you like making inspiration decor together? Let me know in the comments!
PS, I may release a line of inspirational decor on my Redbubble soon!


  1. It would be wise to center the text, or at least have it written straight. Stickers that match would be more appealing as well. The panda and ice cream thing seem very out of place.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, I actually like the non centered text, I think it's cute. But if you're making this, you could definitely change things to look more appealing to you!


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