How to Make DIY Dress Up Box - Age Regression / Agere

Ciao lovelies! As promised, I’ve been working on some new Agere themed DIY’s for you! Today’s step-by-step tutorial is for a Dress-Up Box! This super cute box can hold dress-up items, toys, stuffies, coloring supplies, etc! Plus, making it is super easy!

Let’s start this tutorial off by telling you what you need:

You’ll need:

  • A cardboard box of your desired size!
  • Scrapbook Paper/Colorful paper like construction paper!
  • Double sided tape (not pictured) or glue!
  • Washi Tape!
  • Whatever decorations you’d like and some way to attach them!
  • Stuff to put in the box!
  • Scissors!

Let’s get into the steps:

Step One: Cut the tabs off the top of the box. You won’t need them.

Step Two: Using Scrapbook paper or construction paper, Cover the sides of the box using the double sided tape and your choice of paper! 

I’m using this cute spray paint effect paper!

Oh, but see how we have these corners exposed?

That’s okay! Let’s move on to step three where we will cover that!

Step Three: Use washi tape to cover any exposed corners, and seams. 

You can even cover the edges of the box if you didn’t fold over the paper!

Now you’ve got a neat decorative box. But let’s take this a step further. This box needs to be as cute as you are!

Step Four: Let’s decorate this box! 

We’ve got lots of options!

We could use special OFT design stickers:

(You can find these on our Redbubble). But I want to save these for my journal. Hmm. 

Oh! I also have some stickers from blind bags like Lost Kitties and SmooshyMushy’s !

Phew! That was a lot of decorating. I also added rhinestones and scented stickers to mine. I only decorated the front, but you could decorate all the sides if you wanted!

Here is my finished box, all filled up with dress-up supplies:

If you don’t know what to put in your box, fear not! We have a post called “DIY Agere Accessories to Make While Bored at Home!” which is full of accessory DIY’s that can be used to play dress-up with!

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I can’t wait to see all the cute dress-up boxes you all make! Thanks for reading! 😊

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