What To Put In A Self Care Box? How to Make a Box for Self Care !

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is about how to make a self-care box and what kind of stuff to put in it!

A self-care box is a box filled with items that you can use when you're having a rough day, or just need a bit of self care. What do you need for this?

Well for starters, a box!
I've got some boxes here, as examples. You can find big or small pretty photo storage boxes at craft stores and if you get them on sale they can be relatively cheap. You can also use a shoebox and either decorate it or leave it plain. You can use a "tupperware" style clear box as well. You can even use a jewelry holder styled box, like the one of the top of this pile- I found this one at a thrift store.

For my personal self care box, I will be using this pineapple pattern photo storage box from Joann's:

So, now you've got your box, hooray! Step one, done. Now, what do we put in it?

 To begin, I put in this small book of Hello Kitty word searches. It's good to put things to distract yourself in your self care box. And small things that can lead to feelings of accomplishment, like word searches, are good for kicking bad feelings to the curb. 

Next I added some bath bombs, the big one is cucumber and the small one is peppermint. Bath bombs can help encourage you to take care of yourself hygiene wise and will motivate you to bathe/shower. You can also include nicely scented bodywash, bubble bath, bath crackles, a cute toothbrush/hairbrush, anything that will motivate you to take care of your hygiene.

I also added a movie I like to watch. Movies can be a great distraction from bad feelings, and provide you with something else to think about for a while. Movies can also take you to other worlds, and watching a movie while upset can really change your mood! Just make sure you choose an uplifting movie.

After that, I added some perfume, nail polish, and lip balm. Sometimes taking care of your appearance can help uplift your mood, I know it does for me. Plus, lip balm is good for your lips and as for the perfume, I always feel better when I smell nice. 

What else did I add to my box?
I also added:

-Small Toys: I like to use small toys as a kind of Stim, they relax me and I like how cute they are.

-Stimming Items: I included a container of Silly Putty, 2 containers of modeling dough, and a fidget spinner as stimming items for myself in my box. For more info on Stimming, see THIS post.

- A bow hairclip: So I can feel cute even on my down days.

-Vitamin B-12: This vitamin is good for helping with energy levels and balancing mood! I also will later be including vitamin D because sometimes I don't go outside enough, become Vitamin D deficient, and then my depression worsens due to it. So including that vitamin can help as well!
What else could you include in your self-care box?

-Your Favorite Book: Reading, like movies, can take you to a different world and really affect your mood!

-Small Stuffed Animals: Having a small stuffed animal or two in your box could really provide some comfort!

-Friend's Phone Numbers: To text or call them when times get hard.

-Small Snacks (that don't need to be refrigerated): Sometimes you get into a bad mood because you might have missed a meal or your body needs a snack. Some fun snacks that you can keep in your self-care box include: gummies, fruit snacks, crackers, pretzels, cheese crackers, goldfish, dark chocolate chips (Which can help with mood!)..... the possibilities are pretty much endless! You can also keep a reusable water bottle and flavor packets in your box so you stay hydrated!

-A Journal And Something To Write With: So you can write about your feelings. Sometimes writing can be the best outlet.

-Coloring Pages/Book and Coloring Supplies: Keeping a coloring book or coloring pages and markers, crayons, or colored pencils in your self care box can provide a great outlet for stress relief!

-Nice Scented Lotion: To moisturize your skin. I find this to be a soothing thing. 

-Squishies: These can be great stress relievers. If you don't like squishies, maybe try a stress ball instead!

-Whatever Makes You Happy! In the end, this box is yours to customize to your hearts content, because this box's sole purpose is to make you happy!
What do you lovelies think of the idea of making a self-care box? Would you ever make one? Let us know in the comments!

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