Kawaii DIY- 3 Step By Step Paintings - Kawaii Fridays!

Ciao lovelies! Today for Kawaii Friday I thought we could paint together! In this post I have three step-by-step paintings for you!

Here are the paintings we are doing:
So, let's get into it!

#1- "Pardon My French...Fries!"

For this kawaii box of fries you'll need Red paint, Yellow paint, Black paint, and Pink paint. You'll also need a flat canvas (like the kind you can buy from walmart, you don't want to use stretched canvas for this!) or a piece of cardboard or wood to paint on. And you'll also need a pencil.


Start by sketching the design out onto the canvas using the pencil.
Next, fill in the red box. And then the yellow fries. It's okay if you go over the lines a little, because the next step....
Outline everything with black paint, including filling in the lettering and the eyes. 
Lastly, add pink cheeks and mouth, and outline them in black too.

#2- "I love you CHERRY much!"

For this painting you will need Red, Green, Black, and White paint! And a pencil and something to paint on.


First, sketch your design. For the cherry shapes, think of a soft rounded heart shape. For the leaves, think of a long oval that's sharp on the ends. 
Next, fill in the red bits. I chose to highlight the pun in red. 
Then, fill in the green leaves and begin adding in the black.
Lastly, outline the leaves in black and add white eyeshines!

#3- "I Donut Care"

For this one you'll need Pink paint, Brown paint, Black paint, and White paint. As well as something to paint on.

This time we are working freehand so it's a little harder, so I will help show you step by step how to form the donut shape:
First, paint what looks like a lopsided oval. 
Next, Paint a "U" shape in the middle. Paint a rounded line connecting the upturns of the "U".
Lastly, fill in the donut with Brown paint!

And now, how to do the details:
Write the words "I Donut Care" carefully underneath using Black paint. 
Next, add pink cheek and the outlines of pink frosting. Add two black circles for eyes, small downturned lines for eyebrows, and a "U" shape for a mouth..
Lastly, fill in the frosting and add 2 little White paint dots for eye-shines. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked making kawaii paintings with me today!

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