DIY Name Banner!

Ciao lovelies! Today we'll be making a super cute name banner together!
Let's start!
Here is what you'll need:
-Scrapbook paper
-Marker/coloured pencil
-Tape (you can use washi tape if you want)
-Index Cards
-Glue (not pictured)
-A ruler or straightedge (not pictured)
Step One- Create your templates!
 Use the straightedge to draw out a banner shape on your index card.
 Cut it out carefully.
Also cut out templates of the letters of your name.
Step Two- Using Your Templates
 Choose the scrapbook paper that you want to use for the banners themselves. Trace your template onto the paper, making sure to leave about an inch above the straight edge (we'll be using the extra  inch later to attach the banners to the string, so this detail is very important)
 Cut out your banners and put them aside.
 Use your letter templates against your paper. The order of them doesn't matter (since we'll be cutting them out). However, the direction of the letters does matter. They should be BACKWARDS, since the good side of your scrapbook paper should be facing down.
 Use your templates to trace the letters onto your paper.
Cut them out. If you placed them properly, they should face in the right direction.
Step Three- Assembly!
 Fold over the extra inch of your banners BEFORE gluing down the letters. This will prevent you from gluing the letters too high.
 Glue down the letters. (I would personally outline the letters during this step. I decided after the fact to outline, hence why mine isn't outlined until the final picture.)
 Attach the banners to the string. This is an easy process, simply make sure your banners are placed the way you want, slip the string under the folded side, and tape down the folded piece (you can use normal or washi tape for this.)
 Tie a loop at each end of the string so that we can hang it up! We are hanging the banner on my cork board in my dorm, using these round thumbtacks that I keep in my bear container.
Tada! We're done!
This project is great to spruce up cork boards, doors, offices, etc!
What do you lovelies think of this project? Will you be making one for yourself? Let me know!


  1. Literally the dumbest tutorial I've ever seen.
    First of all, people shouldn't need an explanation on how to make something so simple, and secondly, why would someone be so self-interested enough to make a banner for themself??? That's pretty narcissistic...

    1. Thank you for your feedback; however, plenty of people have name banners and such in their collage dorms. It's a great way to personalize your space! ^-^
      As for the simplicity of it, well, I at least hope I can inspire someone to make any sort of craft, not just this banner. So the step by step is just one of this blog's many signature "fun things"! ^-^


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