2 Kawaii Cat Themed DIYs - How to Make Kawaii Cat Bucket and DIY Cat Ears!

Ciao lovelies! Today is all about cats with not one but TWO cat themed DIY projects- A DIY Kawaii cat bucket and DIY cat ears headband!

DIY #1- Cat Ears Headband

What you'll need:

 Felt (three colors)
Pipe cleaners
Hot glue


1. Secure the pipecleaners to the headband in two ear shapes.

2. Cut 4 triangles out of one color of your felt.

3. Glue them onto each side of the pipe cleaner ears outline

4. Cut out two smaller triangles of a second color of felt and glue them onto the ears as an inner ear.

5. Make a little bow with rounded corners out of the third color of felt.

6.Glue the bow onto one of the ears and headband.

And you're done!

Now you have a pair of cute cat ears for cosplay or anything else!

DIY #2- Kawaii Cat Bucket

What You'll Need:

A cute bucket or box (we got ours at Target for $1)
Black paint
White paint
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks


1. Acquire box/bucket

2. Paint on two round black circles, and add eyelashes

3. Add a little kitty mouth

4. Add white eyeshines to the eyes

5. Add ears

6. Glue on lace

And you're done! You can fill it with anything you want! Here are some examples:

I hope you all enjoy making some kawaii cat themed DIYs!

Thanks for reading!

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