Haunted Portrait- DIY Upcycled Halloween Decorations

Ciao lovelies! In this post, I'll show you how to make your own haunted portrait decoration for Halloween out of recycled materials!
As you lovelies know, I LOVE Halloween. But being a broke college student means I don't have a lot of money to spend on decorations (especially because I'm saving up for my Halloween costume items). The solution? To make my own decorations, using recycled materials!

What you'll need:
Stickers, Recycled paper, recycled packaging (I'm using the packaging from my wig), tape or glue, scissors (both decoration scissors and normal), fake blood, and sharpie.

Let's begin!

To form the base, I cut the girl out of the packaging and taped her to a piece of cut colored paper:

Next, I began to decourate. First, I put pale green rhinestones over her iris and pupils:
Next, I used some spider stickers from Walmart:
But the spiders need a web, right? So I used the sharpie to draw a web in the corner and then put a spider sticker on the web:
I wasn't done yet, of course! We have to add blood! I carefully applied fake blood with a brush:
Lastly, I used one of the other sheets of coloured paper to back a backdrop, and made it look torn up with the decoration scissors, being rough with it to make it tear and such, and we're done:
I hung it on the wall with some sticky tack:
I hope you enjoy making your own creepy haunted portraits to decorate your dorm, room, or house with for Halloween!
I will be posting more dorm decor ideas, Halloween or not, soon!
Love always,

**PS: This DIY was inspired by this game, which you should totally go play!**