DIY How to Make a Minion Jar!

Ciao lovelies! Today, since Despicable Me 3 just came out, let's make a DIY minion jar to hold our stuff!

For today's DIY, you will need:
-Foam in blue, dark blue, and yellow
-White paperboard
-Hot glue
-An old container with a lid (I'm using an old modeling dough container)
((PS, I know I have felt in the pic of supplies, that was an error on our part!))

To create our Minion buddy:
Wrap the jar in yellow foam, securing with hot glue. Make sure the lid can still be taken on and off. 
Cut a skinny strip of dark blue foam and wrap it around the minion as overalls, hot gluing in place.
Cut an even skinnier strip and hot glue around the face as the strap for the goggles.
Cut a circle of dark blue, a circle of white paperboard, a circle of light blue, and a smaller circle of dark blue. Assemble as the eye and hot glue everything in place.

Now we have a little Minion Buddy to hold our stuff! Mine holds mints:

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