DIY Recycled/Upcycled Cup/Vase

Ciao lovelies! Today, let's go green and upcycle! We can upcycle a water bottle into a cute vase/cup! 
I am doing this project as an early tribute to one of my fave holidays- Earth Day! Check this blog April 22 for a special Earth Day Post! But for now, let's get into the DIY!
You will need: a water bottle, scissors, decorations, and hot glue. Make sure your water bottle has a cap, and leave it on this whole process!

As with each project, the process pics are below and I will explain everything under the photos!
 Step one: Clean out your waterbottle and take off the label.
Step two: Cut the water bottle into three pieces as shown. 
Step three: Hot glue the funnel-like piece, including the cap, onto the bottom piece. (You don't need the middle section, make sure to recycle it!)
Step four: Decorate as you wish! I use mine as a vase to hold hot glue sticks.

I'm so excited for Earth Day! See you all again in tomorrows post.
Will you be trying out this DIY? Let me know!


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