About OFT

What is OFT?

OFT (Only Fun Things) is a fun, safe online space intended to support and share content for age regressors, kawaii enthusiasts, doll hobbyists, DIY crafters, and more! The top 5 topics here are Agere, Kawaii, DIY, Dolls, and of course, Fun!

Who is Lunaria L Moon / Luna ?

That's me! My name is Luna IRL, but online I go by Lunaria L Moon for my content creator/pen name. I am a 24 y/o person of the They/Them variety who has many, many interests. I'm also an autistic adult and age regressor. I enjoy all sorts of things, usually centered around Age Regression, Kawaii things, Alternative fashions, DIY projects....you get the idea! I'm the person behind most of the stuff on OFT, like blog posts, videos, etc! 

Guest Posters?

Over the years, OFT has been graced by the awesome talents of a few guest posters, usually those who I am friends with IRL. Nightsong is one of our reoccurring guest posters, they are my roommate and best friend (and pretty much adopted sibling!). They don't have an active online presence currently, but if they start posting their art online I will be sure to include their links!

Our Official Accounts:

Please disregard any other accounts claiming to be me or the blog pages. The pages mentioned above are the only official OFT accounts.  

General Disclaimers:

I am NOT a mental health or physical health professional, all advice given in those realms is from personal experience and sources are listed when used. In general, posts, videos, etc, are not sponsored unless clearly stated. This website does collect cookies from users, please disable browser cookies if you do not want this information collected by Google. OFT and Lunaria do not access user data and do not and will not knowingly collect data from users under 13 years of age. For more info see our Legal section. 


  1. Amazing! Extremely amazing! I have been so desperately looking for a website / blog that solely focuses on Age-Reg and now I got one!😍
    TYSM for the website's creation~ I can't wait to see more content around here and I hope the people (new/experience to Agere) learn stuff from here. Much appreciated. Thanks again! Do your best! Keep it up! We need people like you.✨😊

    1. Thank you so much for this incredibly kind comment! It means a lot to me that you took the time out of your day to leave this kindness here for me !! Have a wonderful day!


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