About Us


Ciao lovelies, Lunaria here to tell you a little about OFT! 

OFT (Only Fun Things) is a 100% non-niche blog filled with fun, informative, or useful things! It's completely family friendly, safe for kids, and fun for everyone!

We have so many topics here, including DIY's, advice, kawaii culture posts, recipes, top 5 lists, and more!

When we first started it was just me, but throughout the years we've had a few guest posters, most recently Nightsong has joined our ranks! 

OFT is really a passion project of mine, to make a safe website online that kids, teens, and adults could all enjoy. Something that isn't limited to just one topic, but ranges and has a wide variety. 

Thank you very much for coming to our site, and reading a little bit about us!