DIY Boba Tea Plushie

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm showing you how to sew a boba (or bubble) tea plushie!
If you don't know, boba tea looks like this:

It has little bubbles of tapioca at the bottom! This is a hugely popular drink in Japan and part of Kawaii (cute) culture!

For this plushie, you'll need scissors, needle and thread, stuffing (I used recycled plastic bags), felt in your desired color, white, and black, foam in your desired colors of straw and face, a round object, pen/marker and hot glue.

Below is the pic showing the steps (numbered 1-8). I will explain each step below this picture:


Step 1- Trace circles from a circular object (I'm using a mini embroidery hoop!) Cut them out.
Step 2- Draw a rectangle that's long enough to go around your circle, and as wide as you want it. Cut it out.
Step 3- Sew the width sides of the rectangle together to make a tunnel.
Step 4- Sew the round ends onto each end (leave a gap in one!) and turn inside out. Stuff with your desired stuffing (I used plastic bags). Sew up the gap to make this marshmallow looking thing.
Step 5- Cut a circle of white felt and hot glue on top.
Step 6- Cut small black circles of felt and glue around the bottom to be the boba.
Step 7- Roll up and glue a piece of foam. Glue to the top as a straw.
Step 8- Cut a face out of foam and glue on!

And you're done!
This was based off a Yumi King video-

Do you want to see more plushie tutorials? Let me know!
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