DIY Kawaii Succulent Woodblock Art

Ciao lovelies! Today, let's make a cute desk/shelf decor who will cheer us up every time we look at his cute face!

Do you want succulents but always kill plants? And the idea of buying fake plants depresses you? Well, be depressed no longer, because now we can make some woodblock art of a happy, kawaii succulent to be our buddy!

What you'll need for this craft:
-Wooden block
-Paint (blue, pink, green, black)
-Paint brushes

Painting the succulent is actually super easy. Just follow the steps below:
Step One- First paint the block entirely blue.
Step Two- Paint a basic succulent shape in green. It doesn't have to be perfect, it will still be beautiful- just like a plant!
Step Three- Add the spikes and cute little happy face! I gave mine a " :3 " face!
Step Four- Add a pink pot and some blush!

And here we have a cute little buddy:

All that's left is a cute name. I will name mine Sunny.

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