Goodbye 2019….

Ciao lovelies! Let’s take a look back at OFT’s 2019! Specifically the most popular post of each month of 2019, as well as some reflections I can share about writing each post. At the end I’ll share what my favorite post was to write this year. And then in the next post (and the first post of 2020!), you’ll find out my goals, hopes, and ideas for 2020 (and those are not only OFT, but other life things as well!). But today, let’s recap 2019!

OFT had a great year this year, and it’s all thanks to you lovelies! Thank you for all your support!

Let’s break down the most popular post of each month this year!

This post was super fun to write and I got to once again share a very personal side of myself with you all. I really do love writing age regression content for you all, I just wish I had more ideas for it! I know you all really love it, too, as shown by how popular age regression content is on this site. I mean, thousands of our views come from just age regression content alone. I love being able to provide that content for you lovelies, and you’re all so supportive of it too! I couldn’t ask for better readers, thank you all!

I didn’t write this post, but rather asked my bestie Nightsong if she would let me publish one of her stories to this blog! I love Nightsong’s writing so I immediately fell in love with her character Cryptid. He’s just adorable! Plus her art of him is super cute as well! I was so happy to see that her story was well liked by all of you lovelies as well!

I love making and sharing crafts and craft ideas! Especially miniatures crafts! As a toy collector and photographer also, I find miniature crafting to be basically crucial for my life! I especially loved making this post because it uses materials that many people might have laying around the house. As a kid, I loved to craft dollhouse miniatures from anything I had laying around my house, and I guess that carried over into now as well!

This post was the kickoff of our sustainability month for April! This month was full of amazing interviews, sustainability information, and lots of good content. I think this is one of my favorite months of content on OFT of all time, and I will definitely try to pull off another month theme like this at some point in 2020. I loved having this particular monthly theme because sustainability is something I’m really passionate about.

Ah yes, the month where I was determined to turn OFT into an online magazine of sorts and spammed with “listicles”.... I mean, while a list every now and then is not bad, I was shown somewhat recently how repetitive my listicles can be. So I’ve recently made an effort to steer away from lists, unless it’s a well-thought-out and fleshed out list like this.

I didn’t have much time or inspiration to do as many DIY posts this year, but I did just receive a Cricut Explore Air 2 for Christmas, so I will be able to do more DIY post ideas hopefully this year! 

Oh, I have a lot to say about this one! My mother and I went on a road trip this summer to Maine, and Mom actually suggested the idea of us doing a “Whoopie Pie Tour” where we test out many different Whoopie Pies from different parts of Maine, and then rank them and blog the results. So we did! It was such a fun trip, not only seeing my family there but also spending time with my mom and just overall having a blast.

Another super popular age regression post! As I mentioned earlier, I do love sharing this side of myself with you all, and seeing the positive reactions and happiness it brings you all is so worth opening myself up like that.

This post is another listicle, but it’s one that I’m pretty fond of. I also love the header graphic for it, it was one of my first attempts at making a GIF in Canva, so I love that as well. I actually really love this post, truly. At the time I made it, I don’t think I was so fond of it, but it’s really aged well.

Wow, this year a lot of our Age Regression content really excelled! You all seemed to really love this sort of content, and as I mentioned earlier, I love making it! At first I was worried about sharing this kind of content, but you all made it worth it. I am so happy to see this sort of content succeeding so well! And again, as mentioned earlier, I hope to make more of it when I get some ideas.

This post is important to me, because I had been searching for a term or community with which I fit into for a long time - in regards to my love of historical inspired fashion and lifestyle! I was so pleased to discover the term Quaintrelle, it means a lot to me to have this word to describe these things!

This post was super fun to make because I was able to not only share ideas, but also share snippets from my own personal journal where I had done the ideas mentioned! I love any chance to not only share ideas but also provide examples.

MY FAVORITE POST THIS YEAR: How to Become a More Positive Person

This post is my favorite because this is something I feel everyone needs, including me. I wrote this post mainly for myself, as something to look back on in times of great negativity. I really do love this post, and I feel that I did a good job on it. It’s something I’m really proud of.

OFT has gone through many changes last year, but it’s been so fun and so rewarding. Thank you for all of your continued support and love through the years, and let’s keep going into next year!

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Thanks again for reading, remember to stay awesome, love yourself, and I'll see you in our next post!