15 Age Regression Halloween Ideas – Age Regression Series

Ciao lovelies! Happy first post of October! The spooky season is upon us and I’m so excited. I have some special content planned for the YouTube channel (including a new Story Time reading video), some special blog post ideas, and I’m even planning on trying to release new merch designs. On top of all the blog work I’m planning; I have tons of school and extracurricular work too. October will be fairly busy for me, but I’m still super excited. Anyway, today I’ve got something special for all my age regression followers out there: a list of 15 Age Regression Halloween Ideas!

If you’re new here and curious as to what Age Regression (also called Age Regression Therapy) is, please check out our “What is Age Regression?” post.

I ask that you please be kind and all-ages-appropriate in the comments of all posts on this blog, but especially on these age regression themed posts. Keep in mind that this is a coping mechanism for many and judgement/bullying is not welcome on this site.

With all that being said, let’s get into the list!


1.       Make your Halloween Costume! Sure it can be fun to buy one but I’ve always had more fun making one! Even if you don’t make the main part of your costume, you can still make the accessories! Here are some fun DIY’s that you can use for a Halloween Costume:

2.       Make Halloween costumes for your stuffed animals or dolls! Here are some DIY’s for doll costumes:

3.       Watch something spooky! But not too spooky. We don’t want you to have nightmares! Here are some fun spooky themed shows and movies for kiddos:
-          The Nightmare Before Christmas
-          Paranorman
-          Coraline (one of my personal all-time-faves)
-          Hotel Transylvania
-          Welcome to Monster High
-          The Addams Family
-          Monster High (animated web-series is on YouTube!)

4.       Color some Halloween themed coloring pages! I find most of my faves by just googling “Halloween Coloring Pages” and also through Pinterest!

5.       Listen to some spooky music. I love Monster High’s Fright Song, Spooky Scary Skeletons, Monster Mash, etc!

6.       If you can, visit a pumpkin patch (or your local grocery store) and pick out a pumpkin! Get someone’s help (Family or Friends) to help you carve it!

7.       Draw some Halloween themed stuff! Ideas for things to draw:
-          Witches
-          Ghosts
-          Vampires
-          Frankenstein
-          Cryptids like Mothman!
-          Cats

8.       Take your dolls, toys, action figures, or stuffed animals outside for a Halloween Photo-shoot. Double points if you dress them up in costumes!

9.       Decorate your room or living space in Halloween Style!

10.   Eat lots of candy! (Just don’t get in trouble for having too much!)

11.   Bake some Halloween themed treats! Ideas could be:
-          Mummy Cupcakes
-          Cat Cupcakes
-          Witch Cake
-          Ghost Cookies
-          Vampire Cake pops

12.   Play pretend Ghost Hunting! (Just don’t actually go ghost hunting until you do your research, it can be dangerous!)

13.   Play pretend that you and your stuffies have been turned into monsters! Who turned you all into monsters? Will you turn back? Or maybe you could even go to a monster school like Monster High!

14.   Make fun photo edits with Halloween stickers! Fun photo editing apps like PicsArt can help with this.

15.   If your city allows, go Trick-Or-Treating!

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