What is a “Quaintrelle”? + A Favor

Ciao lovelies! In somewhat unusual fashion, I actually have a follow-up to my post a little while ago about the Code that Saved my Life. In that post, I outlined a lifestyle that I didn’t quite have a name for….until now.

Since returning to my roots of this lifestyle (again, I outlined it in “The Code that Saved my Life”) I have been gripped with a desire to find more people who share my ideals for life. I really wanted to find a community of others who had the same drive to make life as beautiful and lovely as possible.

But I found that it was nearly impossible to find others with this ideal, because of a huge obstacle I faced- I didn’t have any name to search. Meaning, I didn’t know what this lifestyle was called!

I searched online for a long time, searching and perusing different sites and google terms. Finally, I discovered it- “Quaintrelle.”

I actually found a site (no longer upkept, it seems, but still up on the internet) called “Quaintrelle Life.” This site helped me to realize that the term “Quaintrelle” was the term I was looking for to describe this lifestyle.

As defined by the site “Quaintrelle Life,” a “Quaintrelle” is:

                “A quaintrelle is a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures.”

What does this break down into? I believe that this is very similar, if not EXACT, to what I’ve been looking for.

I’ve wanted a term for this lifestyle for so long, and I’m so pleased to have it now.

With that being said, I must reveal my new purpose- to form a community where Quaintrelle bloggers and YouTubers can chat, share, and develop friendships. To do this, I must ask a favor- please comment below if you are interested in such a community online, and please share what platform would be best for this. Would a Facebook group be sufficient, or would you prefer to have a forum of some kind?

I would love to meet other Quaintrelle creators, and forge friendships! I’d also potentially like to find a Quaintrelle pen-pal, but we’ll see about that when the time comes for it. For now, I’d like to focus on creating a community for Quaintrelles.

The community I envision would have places to share Quaintelle life related posts/videos, it would have prompt lists, places to share photoshoots and ask for feedback or tips, it would maybe even have contests and other fun things if I could work that out.

What do you think of this idea? Would you be interested in joining a community of people who are passionate about life, with a historical twist? Let me know in the comments, please! I really want to make this community!

PS- I've decided to count this as my first entry in answering the 52 Quaintrelle blogging prompts. So this is my answer to prompt #1. I'm not doing them in order, entirely, so in each entry I'll be sure to include the prompt number and tag them each "Quaintrelle" to keep things organized. 
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  1. I think you already know what I'm going to say, but yes, I'm absolutely in love with the idea of such a community! This is probably a biased opinion because I personally dislike the platform but I don't really like the idea of using Facebook because not everybody uses it/wants to share their personal information. I know there used to be a quaintrelle community on LiveJournal, that site is dead now but there is a new one called DreamWidth that uses LiveJournal's source code. People would need to create an account to join the community but as far as I can tell it's free.
    Another idea is to create a blogging circle, for example I know there is a Lolita Blog Carnival that bloggers can apply to participate in and there are themed post ideas and challenges.

    Lady Nicole (I'm thinking about going by "Lady Nicole" from now on, it quite fits the quaintrelle lifestyle, wouldn't you agree?)

    1. Thank you for the feedback on this idea! I do understand the dislike of Facebook, I will have to check out DreamWidth! I had never heard of it before.

      While I also have been considering a blogging circle, I also really wanted some kind of "home base" of sorts, where we could have all sorts of sections for each idea, like sections for sharing posts/videos, sections for Quaintrelle Life tips in general, maybe even sections where we could learn about historical time periods! (I may be getting a little carried away.. ^-^')

      Another idea I had was to maybe design a badge for members of this circle to have on their blogs that would lead to a "central hub" of sorts for members. Like a list of participating blogs and also forums for members to chat.

      Thank you again for your feedback on this matter!

      Oh, and I do feel like "Lady Nicole" definitely fits the lifestyle! It's very noble!

      Warm Regards,
      Lunaria L Moon


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