10 Awesome Sleepover Activity Ideas for You and Your BFF’s!

Ciao lovelies! Today I’ve got 10 Super Fun Sleepover activity ideas for you and your BFF’s for your next super awesome sleepover! With these ideas your next sleepover will be the best one ever!

These ideas are a mix of DIY’s, games, and more. Have a great time!

#1- DIY Sugar Scrubs!
DIY Sugar Scrubs are a great sleepover activity. Mix up some sugar, (maybe some coffee grounds), and some coconut oil for a basic scrub. Add some essential oils if you want to get fancy. Sugar scrubs can be used on your skin to help exfoliate. Plus, they are super easy to make. If you want a little more to this activity- put the sugar scrub in jars that you can then decorate!

#2- Do Makeovers- In Alternative Styles!
A twist on the classic “makeovers at the slumber party” cliché, instead of doing regular makeovers, try to make over each other in styles you wouldn’t normally wear! I find that trying out new styles can be so super fun!

#3- DIY Slime!
Here’s OFT’s Video on How to Make Slime:
Slime is also super simple to make and easy to customize. You can put food coloring in it to change the color, and you can add charm sand beads to it for extra fun- or even glitter!

#4- Photo Booth!
Make some DIY photobooth props (OFT post coming soon!) or buy some from a party store and take silly selfies with your BFF’s! Can’t find a good backdrop? Hang up a solid colored bedsheet behind you! Maybe even print some of your photos and make DIY frames for them!

#5- Baking or Cooking!
Baking some sweet treats or cooking up a delicious meal can be super fun and exciting! Especially if you try new recipes you’ve never made before! Just be sure to clean up after you’re done.

#6- DIY Sensory Bottle
These are also super easy to make and customize! Fill an old waterbottle with rice or sand and small toys. This can be one type of sensory bottle. Fill another with water and colorful baby oil (using food dye). The possibilities are endless!

#7- Have a lipsync competition!
Put on some music and grab a microphone (a hairbrush works fine). Practice lipsyncing and dancing to your favorite music. When you’re done practicing, pick a friend to be a judge and have some friendly competition!

#8- Riddles!
Have everyone at the sleepover make up a riddle and write it down on some paper. Then swap riddles and see if you can solve each other’s riddles!

#9- Movie Marathon!
Have everyone pick their favorite movie and then draw three of the favorites from a hat. Have a little movie marathon with those three movies! Maybe even have some popcorn.

#10- Swap stories!
A big part of any sleepover is bonding with your friends. So why not sit down and have everyone just talk to each other for a while? You never know, you may learn new things about your friends that you never knew!
What do you think of these ideas? Will you be using them at your next sleepover? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks again for reading, stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and I’ll see you in our next post!


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