6 Kawaii DIY's For Calico Critters, LOL Surprise Dolls and Other Mini Figures

Ciao lovelies! Today's post is full of DIY's for dolls like Calico Critters and LOL Surprise dolls! From a room in a box to a vanity table with a mirror, to tiny perfume bottles and a mini calendar, to a corner shelf and a chair made from Hatchimals eggs! Get ready to craft up a storm with these Calico Critter DIY's and LOL Suprise doll DIY's! Not to mention these DIY's are so kawaii you could even use the little room in a box as room decor!

So let's get started!


- An empty used Keurig K-Cup
-Construction Paper
-Hot Glue gun and hot glue gun sticks 
(WARNING- Get adult supervision when crafting with hot objects!)
(WARNING- Get adult supervision when crafting with sharp objects!)  
-Glue stick
-Thin paperboard/cardboard box (I'm reusing a snack box)
-Aluminum foil
-2 beads in your choice of design
-2 Black Perler beads
-An old calendar
-Calico Critters doll or LOL Surprise Doll (For sizing)
-Embellishments (I used a string of plastic beads)

DIY #1- Vanity Table

For this DIY, the base is a Keurig K-Cup. 

Cut a circle from cardboard. 
Cover it with construction paper on both sides, then hot glue the circle to the K-Cup.
Cut a circle from aluminum foil and glue it to the big cardboard circle. 
Embellish- I used a string of plastic beads and glued them around the "mirror" for lights, but you could use anything, like rhinestones or stickers.
And you're done!

Let's make the room now, it's super easy!

 DIY #2- Room in a box.

The base of this DIY is a cardboard box. 

 Remove one side of a cardboard box. 
Glue construction paper to the walls for wallpaper. 
Glue felt to the floor for carpet. 
And you're done!

Now let's make more furniture for the room. Let's make a chair from Hatchimals eggs!

DIY #3 - Vanity Chair

Glue two bottoms of Hatchimals eggs together as shown using hot glue. 
Embellish as you choose, I used plastic beads but you could use ribbon, lace, or anything you want. 
Glue felt into the top as a cushion. 
And you're done!

Let's make that little calendar shown, it's sooo easy!

DIY #4- Mini Calendar

Use an old calendar for this DIY. 
Cut one of the mini months from the calendar and glue it to the wall.
And you're done!

Now let's make something super simple that looks super cool!

DIY #5- Bead Perfume Bottles

 Start with two beads of your choice of design. 
Hot glue a black Perler bead to the top of each bead. 
Hot glue the bead perfume bottles in place on the vanity table. 
And you're done!

Lastly, let's make a corner shelf.

DIY #6- Corner Shelf

Draw a shape like shown on paperboard. 
Cut it out and cover the top. 
Glue into place in the corner of the room.
Place whatever you want on top.
And you're done!


These projects can work for many different types of mini-dolls, including...
Calico Critters, LOL Suprise Dolls, Off the Hook Dolls, Mini Lalaloopsy, and NumNoms, and many more!
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Thanks again for reading, remember to love yourself, stay awesome, and I'll see you in my next post!

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