8 Fun Prompts for Empty Journal Pages

Ciao lovelies! I’ve been journaling a lot lately now that I have time again. My journal is sort of a hybrid between a journal and a scrapbook. Sometimes I record fun days in my life, sometimes I just glue in stuff that’s fun. Without further ado: here are eight fun prompts for empty journal pages, plus I have picture examples from my own journal! Let’s get into these prompts!

8 Fun Prompts for Empty Journal Pages

#1: Make a page all about or for your friends! One of my friend pages is a picture from when Nightsong, Kate (from the blog Bones of an Undead Narwhal) and her bf Zech, and I, all went to NC comicon Durham! I chose to give the page a space theme, so I wrote “out of this world” at the top in a normal handwriting, then I wrote “Friends!” in a blocky font. I framed the picture in space themed washi tapes. I also put stickers on the page. Here is what it looks like:

Really, you can make a friends page look whatever you think is best for your friends. You can add many stickers or none at all, you can add cool washi tapes. You could even draw your friends instead of gluing in a picture!

#2: Make a Positivity Page, AKA: page full of positive reminders! For my positivity page in my journal, I used little cards and lots of stickers. The main focal point of the page in my journal are the two cards. Each has a little caption underneath. One says “OPEN ME: when you need a reminder of how amazing you are!” This card on the inside is full of little positive affirmations about myself. The other card is captioned “OPEN ME: When you need comfort!” This card on the inside says “Things are getting better! We can make positive change! You are making a difference!"

I also included some reminders using positive stickers that I had.

#3: You can collect fortunes and make a page for gluing them in! My fortunes page says “Totally Super Cool Fortunes” up top with a sticker of a fortune cookie. Each fortune is glued in and has an accompanying sticker with it.  For me, this page is probably not done, and I’ll probably end up gluing in more fortunes.

#4: Another suggestion I have is to make a “Reasons to Live” page! This can keep you positive even on your darkest days. The concept for this page was inspired by the song “What We Live For” by American Authors. I kept this page relatively simple, letting the text be the focal point. I also added a strip of faux glitter paper, and a dreamcatcher sticker.

You can make your reasons as large and general or small and specific as you want!

#5: Make a collage! I love love love making multimedia collages. This is one of my favorite types of art to make. So for this collage in my journal, I centered it around my OC, Emilia Arcane. I used a picture of me cosplaying Emilia, stickers, tissue paper, a fortune, a stencil and marker, stamping tools and a marker, an edge piece from a brown paper bag with some text on it, glitter washi tape, and two positivity text pieces of paper.

I really like how this turned out. Of course, you can make collages surrounding any theme you want.

#6: Glue in things you like from the Internet! I found this cute picture of a cat in a mug that has a nice self-care reminder. I printed it out, and glued it into my journal. I also decorated the page with a picture I took of my WHC doll’s roller skates, and a bunch of stickers.

This is a simple prompt, but can be super effective for filling empty journal pages!

#7: Make an aesthetic page! For my aesthetic page, I chose to center around a kawaii soft pastel theme. So I filled the page with pictures from the internet, and stickers from the brand Ooly.

I like how this page turned out as well. It’s super soft and cute.

#8: Our last prompt idea is that if you have a journal entry where you talk about going shopping, like in a new store, or maybe you went out with a friend, save and glue in receipts, ticket stubs, etc!

I saved these receipts from when I went to Durham to meet up with Nightsong. We went shopping at World Market, so I saved the receipts to remind me of the fun day I had with her!

These are just a few prompts that might help you when trying to fill empty journal pages. Let us know what your favorite prompt was in the comments below!
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Thanks again for reading, remember to stay awesome, love yourself, and I'll see you in our next post!


  1. These are so cute! The fortune page is especially creative. I thought I was the only one who likes to hold on to them ^^;

    ~Lady Nicole

    1. Thank you! I usually like to hold onto fortunes too, and I put them in my memory box if they have my lucky number (13) on the back!


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