How to Become a More Positive Person

Ciao lovelies! Something you may not know about me is that I used to be an extreme Pessimist and sometimes I still am a bit of a Pessimist… However, something I have been working on is being more positive. I am a firm believer in the powers of positive thinking and energy attraction. In plain terms, the connection between positive thinking and energy attraction simply means that the more positively you think about and treat something/someone, the more positive energy you will get back from that interaction.

Why am I talking about the connection between positive thinking and energy attraction? Today I’m going to teach you how to train your brain to think more positively and how to approach situations with a more positive, open mind.

DISCLAIMER- I am NOT a mental health professional. If you are having very dark, negative thoughts constantly, please seek professional mental help. I am merely writing this post from personal experience and my tips may not work for everyone.


When we think about being more positive, first let’s think about why you aren’t already thinking this way. What mental roadblocks lie in the path to positive thinking?

Let’s come up with an example so you can see the baseline for how your brain currently works, okay?

Let’s say that you are working on a project with a team, and then you hear that your team will be getting a new member on it today, someone who you’ve never met.

What’s your first reaction to the above scenario? Are you thinking positively about this situation? Are you neutral to the situation, or do you think negatively about the situation? Below are some examples of reactions you could have, and they are tagged as “Positive Thinking,” “Neutral Thinking,” and “Negative Thinking.”

-          POSITIVE THINKING: “I am excited to have new help on this project. I bet they can bring some new points of view to the table regarding this matter.”

-          NEUTRAL THINKING: “This new member to the team could go either way. I am not excited nor worried about this new person. I will decide how I feel when I see what they contribute.”

-          NEGATIVE THINKING: “I am anxious/worried/concerned about this new member. What if they do not help us? What if they help in the wrong way? What if….”

Which reaction is closest to your own in that situation, and please be honest with yourself!

-          If you chose POSITIVE THINKING, good for you!

-          If you chose NEUTRAL THINKING, there is nothing wrong with that, but maybe you might want to read this article anyway, simply to provide some context for how others might consider situations; or maybe you might want to read this article to enhance your positive thinking?

-          If you chose NEGATIVE THINKING, continue reading!

Earlier I said the first step to a more positive mind is to assess what mental roadblocks lay in the way of being positive. There can be many different roadblocks, including anxiety, pessimism, distrust, and more. Past experiences can also contribute to a negative outlook.

How can we overcome these roadblocks in order to think more positively?


Now that you’ve assessed what roadblocks lie in the way of your positive mind, picture those roadblocks as bags of luggage that you are carrying on this path.

Have you visualized it? Okay. Now drop them. Today we are going on this path with no luggage. We will carry what tools we find on the way.


Let’s keep visualizing this path, okay? Start walking down the path- and now you’ve encountered a situation. A situation in life is like a fork in our imaginary path. You have three paths you can now take, POSITIVE, NEUTRAL, and NEGATIVE thinking. If you find yourself stepping towards the negative thinking, stop for a second.

Before you go down that negative thinking path, let’s talk ALTERNATIVES. What I mean by this is that whatever you might think originally, come up with a counter for.


Situation: You meet someone new for the first time and they’re kind of quiet and reserved.

Your First Thought: “Oh no, they don’t like me!”

How can we come up with a counterargument for this first initial thought process?

Here are some options for it:

-          “I think they might be shy; I should make them feel more comfortable by asking about their hobbies or giving a compliment.”

-          “Maybe they are nervous too. Perhaps I should start a friendly conversation about something fun.”

Instead of giving into the instinctual NEGATIVE thought, take the POSITIVE path or even the NEUTRAL one. Neutral thoughts are the first step to positive ones!


Continue this technique through every situation in life that you encounter. Soon you’ll find that the negative thoughts aren’t going to be your first instinct anymore, at least not all the time.

It’s not wrong to have negative thoughts sometimes, but it’s not okay for your mind to be a permanently negative environment. Hopefully the tips here can help you think more positively!

What do you think of my advice? Do you have your own advice on this topic? I’d love to hear it! Leave some tidbits or even blog links in the comments below!
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Thanks again for reading, stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and I’ll see you in our next post!