10 Little Ways to Add Some Magic to Your Life

Ciao lovelies! Today I’m feeling a little whimsical. Fall season is upon us in the northern hemisphere! The days are a little chillier, the nights are almost cold. The leaves are changing and there’s a certain magic in the air. Best of all my current town of residence is having a huge Harry Potter festival this weekend (More info on that at the end of this post!). Truly, everything feels magical. I want to tell you all how you can add little bits of magic to your life: even if you’re not feeling as particularly magical as I am right now, because I want to share this feeling.

These tips are for those looking to add more “magic” into their lives. Maybe you’re looking for more ways to feel connected, to the planet and to others. Maybe you’re looking for a way to enhance your life in some way. Maybe you just want to have more fun in life. Whatever the case may be, I hope these 10 methods can help you achieve the desired outcome.

10 Little Ways to Add Some Magic to Your Life!

1.       Wear what makes you feel powerful.

-          Magic in life stems from Magic within. If you notice, many of the items on this list will be centered around the self, because development within helps encourage happiness throughout.
-          Wearing what makes YOU feel powerful will also help you to feel magical. You’ll begin to notice yourself feeling more confident and able as well.

2.       Volunteer your time to a good cause!

-          Connecting with other aspects of the soul can be good in making life more magical. Connect to your sense of goodwill and morality by volunteering your time to a good cause every so often. Whether you volunteer at a foodbank, animal shelter, etc, the world needs more of this kind of magic in it.

3.       Take some time to appreciate nature!

-          Nature is the basis of many kinds of magic, but it can be especially potent in providing one with a happier, more fulfilling life.
-          You can enjoy nature at many times and in many ways. I personally love to do photography involving nature. I also simply like to observe it.
-          Taking time to notice the little things about it, like how nice the breeze feels, or how warm the sun is, or how chilly the air is getting, will help ground you in the here and now, and help you to appreciate life around you.

4.       View life from a different angle.

-          Sort of similar to the last idea, in terms of noticing the little things.
-          Try to look at life from different points of view than your own. A great way to do this is to read biography or non-fiction books!

5.       Develop a sense of Childlike Wonder.

-          Childlike wonder means to never stop being amazed by things you learn. Never stop finding new things to be impressed with!
-          Also, never lose sight of your imagination. Your imagination should be allowed to run free every so often in healthy outlets like writing, creating, crafting, making art, etc.

6.       Look for patterns in daily life.

-          Patterns in daily life can be as simple as noticing reoccurring numbers, words, or sayings…or as complex as taking note of what paths you walk, times you do certain activities, etc. Sometimes you can even find out your lucky number by paying attention to patterns. What is your lucky number? Comment below! Mine is 13.

7.       Make some magical crafts!

-          Magical crafts can mean actually magical, like crafting a wand or talismans… or can mean just letting your imagination run wild in the crafting world.
-          An easy magical craft that anyone can make is a basic intent talisman. Simply write your intent on a piece of paper. Sew a basic miniature pouch and place the paper inside. Sew up the pouch and attach to a string. Wear around your neck or place somewhere in your room to remind you of what your intent is. (INTENT: anything you’d like to accomplish, create, etc.)

8.       Redecorate your space.

-          Sometimes a change of pace is needed for life to feel more magical. An easy way to change up your life that isn’t too drastic is to change up your living space. Something as simple as rearranging furniture or changing décor for the seasons can be all you need. Or you can go more complex and repaint the walls.

9.       Find out what you are grateful for!

-          Connecting to your mind in this way will help you to identify what parts of your life are already magical.
-          My example of this is that I am so eternally grateful for my support system. Without my family, friends, and fiancé,  I don’t know where I’d be. In every gratefulness exercise I do, they are the first thing I write down.

10.   Practice Mindfulness.

-          Going along with the tip above, connecting with your mind can help you feel more magical.
-          Mindfulness is the idea that we can connect to our own minds in a way that is empathetic and unbiased. Looking at your own thoughts objectively can help you determine how to fix negative thoughts and enhance positive ones.
-          This can be magical because mindfulness can aid in lifting negativity from your life.

What do you think is the MOST magical thing someone can do? Let me know in the comments!

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