Welcome to Sustainability Month on OFT!

Ciao lovelies, and welcome to Sustainability Month on OFT! Today I’m going to be talking about: what is sustainability, why should we care, what we are going to feature on the blog this month, and why we are doing this!

So let’s jump in by defining the word “Sustainability.”

What does “Sustainability” mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary, sustainability is “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.” In layman’s terms, this means being able to keep something going for a long time. In environmental terms, this means reduction of negative impact on the environment in order to maintain a self-sustaining Earth.

What does this mean in terms of this month? As you may or may not know, Earth Day is April 22nd. Therefore, on the blog this month we are talking about Sustainability, including Environmental Sustainability!

What can you look forward to this month? We’ve got lots planned including interviews, resources for homeschooling parents/guardians, lots of important information about environmental sustainability, and even creative ways that you can help with it!

Some of our articles this month will be centered around the Shenandoah Valley area because recently the local recycling center there made the decision to stop recycling plastic and glass. (Read more about this event ->  https://www.newsleader.com/story/news/2019/03/21/all-three-localities-brace-recycling-change-no-glass-plastic/3232784002/  This event combined with other events recently made me decide that I should do Sustainability Month on OFT.  I knew that I should use my voice to impact how we view these issues.

We will still be following our Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule. This Wednesday we are featuring an interview with Georgi Tomisato, Founding President of Shenandoah Green, a local organization with a short term goal of eradicating single use plastic straws and bags in Staunton! To learn more about this organization and sustainability from Georgi’s point of view, come on by the blog on Wednesday, 6 AM USA EST!

Thanks for being here as we kick off Sustainability Month on OFT! If you have any sustainability news or sustainability themed things to share with us, tag us on Instagram or Twitter using #OFTSustainability , #OFTEarthMonth ,  or tag our accounts ( @onlyfunthingsblog on Instagram and @OFT_Official on Twitter) or you can share things to our Facebook page and we might feature you or the news you share with us on our socials!

Stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and check back with us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this month for Sustainability Month on OFT!

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