The Ultimate Guide to a Fantastic Summer on a Budget!

Ciao lovelies! Today I’m bringing you the ultimate guide to having a fantastic summer- all on a budget. This post will combine the old posts about this topic and new ideas! For today we’ll be talking about all sorts of things to make your summer great including ideas, activities, fashion, DIY’s, recipes and more! Consider this like a mega-post round up of summer ideas.

Let’s begin by talking about decisions. Specifically, how do you decide what you want to do this summer? Well one option is you can make a summer bucket list or to-do list. But this can be hard to make if you have no summer activity ideas….So let’s talk about things you can do this summer for fairly inexpensive prices!


·         Going to local events can be cheaper because you save on gas as well as simply can be inexpensive. A few local events I’ve heard of in the two locations I frequent:\

o   For those who live in the Shenandoah Valley who are interested in Sustainability and Zero-Waste events, the president of Shenandoah Green, Georgi Tomisato, is hosting a Zero-Waste Potluck where it is $15 per person, all proceeds go to Shenandoah Green! It will be May 17th 

For more info on future events check out the Shenandoah Green Facebook Page! 

o   For those who live near Chesapeake, VA or in the Hampton Roads area, check out FantaSci, an annual free fantasy and sci-fi convention. This year it will be two days, July 27-28. It is going to be held this year in the Chesapeake Central Library.

·         Going to your local library! Libraries are wealths of entertainment. Many libraries have not only books, but also DVDs and Games to check out. They also have non-fiction books that could teach you just about anything you ever wanted to learn. Want to learn recipes? They have cookbooks. Want to learn Crochet? Knitting? Sewing? They have books on that too. Libraries are so underrated, please visit your local library this summer!

·         Going along with the above, try learning a new skill this summer. It can be anything from cooking to baking to sewing, crochet, beadwork, etc. It could even be coding or web design! There are actually a lot of free online classes if you search YouTube. Another source of inexpensive online classes is Mashable Shop (NOT sponsored.) They sometimes offer bundles where you can get good online classes for WAYYYY cheaper. My father bought me an online marketing classes bundle which would’ve been $1000, which ended up being I think $39. And learning is always a good way to pass the time and gain new skills at the same time.

·         If you live near the beach, have a beach trip! Many beaches have free or fairly cheap parking and if you bring snacks along instead of buying them at the boardwalk it’ll be a cheaper trip! Also make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen!

·         Summer is the perfect time to practice some summer Photography! You could do a lot with photography, including:

o   Making a summer scrapbook of all your memories! You could buy a plain notebook at the dollar store, and also washi tape and stickers there, and make a cute summer scrapbook!

o   We have lots of posts about photography tips including our Doll Photography Tips post, our DIY Doll Greenscreen post, and our Basic Doll Photography Setup post.  I plan on releasing Basic Smartphone Photography Tips and Basic Kodak Pixpro Camera Photography Tips posts later this summer so stay tuned for those!

·         Another fun summer activity is Trying out Recipes! We have LOTS of budget recipes including:

·         A super fun activity that’s not only on a budget but can help you find new clothes for your Summer Wardrobe is Thrift Shopping!

o   If you’re look is more kawaii centered, check out our post on how to build your Kawaii wardrobe! 

o   If you want to know the fashion trends for summer 2019, check out our Fashion Trends Summer 2019 post! Then you can try to find pieces to match in thrift stores. 

·         If you can’t find everything you want in the thrift stores, you can always DIY or Upcycle the things you buy!

·         Speaking of DIY, we have so many DIY’s that you could make this summer…


·         One big thing I want to stress to you is the heat! It’s so important to stay safe when it gets hot out. Make sure to hydrate!

·         Another big thing I want to stress is to Try Something New! You never know what fun thing you may discover! Go to the local events, learn new things, try new DIY’s, recipes, food, etc!
Thanks SO SO much for reading, I know today’s post was mega-long but I think it definitely was worth it! Of course, I’m a little biased šŸ˜‰. But anyways, thank you for reading!

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Thanks again for reading, stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and I’ll see you in our next post!