Doll DIY’s MEGAPOST – 4 Brand New DIY’s and a HUGE List of Past DIY’s for Dolls of all Kinds!

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is FULL of DIY’s for Dolls! Not only does this post include a HUGE list of past DIY’s but also has 4 brand new DIY’s! If you love dolls and love DIY, you’ll love this post!

Let’s start with our 4 brand new Doll DIY’s !

#1- DIY Doll Wizard/Witch Staff

First, stain a wooden dowel or paint it. Nightsong chose to stain it with watercolor paint. 

Next, wrap string/yarn around it and hot glue in place.

Next, add embellishments like flatback pearl cabochons and Nightsong even added an old bracelet.

Lastly, add the top embellishments. Nightsong chose to add 3 beads that look like crystals and a loop of wire.

And you’re done!

#2- DIY Doll Cape

All the credit for this idea goes to my fiancé, I was telling him about what craft supplies I had on hand and he suggested this idea!

You’ll need a piece of felt in your desired color and a ring base that has a slit in the back. 

Cut the felt into a triangle that’s as tall as your doll. 

Then, glue the ring base onto the top point of the triangle.

Add whatever embellishments that you want! And you’re done!

#3- DIY Doll Necklace (s)

This DIY is so simple and easy! If you collect SmooshyMushy’s you’ll notice that they come with these little keychain chains. 

All you need to make a cute doll necklace is one of these chains and beads of your choice! Put the beads on the chain and you’re done! 

#4- DIY Doll Bathtub

This is also a fairly simple DIY. If you collect NumNoms snowcones, each snowcone comes with a lid that already looks like a bathtub!

So for this DIY, simply hot glue on two beads and a wire bent into a hook to make the faucet and handles.

And you’re done!

I hope you liked those DIY’s! If you’re looking for more, we have done many doll DIY’s in the past, including:

And we have a DIY Doll Halloween Accessories Video:

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have fun crafting! 

Thank you for reading, remember to love yourself, stay awesome, and I'll see you in our next post!
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