Top 5 EPIC Summer DIY’s to Make this Summer! DIY Fashion and DIY Décor!

Ciao lovelies! Today I have for you some super fun DIY’s to make this summer! Summer is a great time to do DIY’s for many kids, teens and young adults because of school break. These DIY’s are certified EPIC and will help you have a great summer!

All these DIY’s are OFT original DIY’s! Specially handpicked from our old posts to make your summer great!

So let’s get into the DIY’s!

#1- Chokers!

 A summer fashion must-have, this basic tutorial to making chokers is the perfect Summer DIY to keep teens and young adults busy during long summer days. And for more skilled jewelry makers, try our more advanced level 2 choker tutorial! The biggest benefit? Most of the items you need to make these chokers can be found in any beginner jewelry making kit or bought relatively inexpensively at your local craft or dollar store!

#2- Easy Dreamcatcher DIY!

Perfect for kids and even teens or older, this DIY is simple and cute! Completely customizable as well! All you need is some recycled cardboard, elastic cord, beads, construction or scrapbook paper, scissors and hot glue! This DIY Dreamcatcher looks great in anyone’s room and doesn’t have to be only for summer!

#3- SeaShell DIY’s!

Wondering what you should do with seashells you got from the beach during the summer? Why not try some of our seashell craft ideas? We have 3 ideas in this SeaShell DIY post, including seashell candles and a necklace!

#4- DIY Tote Bag/Beach Bag

This DIY Tote bag would make a great bag for collecting shells on the beach, or bringing some snacks to a beach day! All you need to make it is an old dishtowel, some ribbon, and some sewing knowledge! I personally love this DIY and I’m constantly on the hunt for cute towels to turn into bags now.

#5- DIY Lip Scrub!

Winter and summer are the worst times for me to get dry or lackluster lips, so when that happens, I love to make lip scrubs! Plus, lip scrubs are honestly just a good stim for me. This DIY lip scrub recipe is one of my personal favorites. The main ingredient is coffee.

We will have more summery posts coming soon! Stay tuned!

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Thanks for reading, remember to love yourself, stay awesome and I’ll see you in our next post!

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Thanks again for reading, stay awesome, remember to love yourself, and I’ll see you in our next post!