3 DIY Accessories - Kawaii Fridays

Ciao lovelies! Today's Kawaii Friday's post is a DIY accessories post! Today I have 3 DIY accessories for you all, a Bow, a donut faux shirt collar, and a purse!

-Felt in various colors
-Hot Glue
-Sparkly PipeCleaners
- Paint 

DIY #1- Embellished Bow
 Here is how to make a basic bow from felt:
-Cut a large rectangle and a long skinny one.
-Fold the big one accordion style and sew or glue in place. 
-Wrap the skinny rectangle around the middle and sew or glue in place !

Now you have a basic bow, so let's embellish it:

 For my embellishment, I tied a bow from patterned ribbon and glued it onto the felt bow, then I added a heart shape rhinestone.
And you're all finished with DIY #1!

DIY #2- Donut Faux Shirt Collar
 First, use a pattern or freehand draw a collar shape onto felt, then cut it out. Paint on some white paint to look like icing.
 Use other colors of paint for sprinkles. Then glue on ribbon to the ends to tie it on!
And that's all there is to it! Done with DIY #2!

DIY #3- Envelope Style Purse
 First fold up a piece of felt and glue the two sides. Leave the top open. Turn the purse right side out. Cut the top into a point.
 Now it's time to make the closing mechanism. Use a pipecleaner to make a hook and eye. Glue the eye piece onto the bottom of the purse and the hook piece onto the tip of the point.
 Now you can embellish the purse and add the strap. Make two large eye pieces from pipe cleaner and glue to the inside sides of the purse. Tie on ribbon for a strap.
And you're done!!!

I hope you like the DIYs today!

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  1. :( can u post some with mless fabric needed?

    1. I'll be sure to work on that idea! Thanks for the suggestion!


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