Doll Photography Tips

Ciao lovelies! Today I thought I'd share some doll photography tips with you all!
I am still considered an amateur in this, but I've picked up some tips from learning doll photography!

Tip #1- Nature backgrounds are great!
If you want to take a doll photo from cute to striking, use a nice nature background! This adds a professional feeling to photographs and always makes me feel like I'm taking pictures for some doll  modeling agency.

Tip #2- Don't be afraid to be close-up on the details!
Sometimes a nice detail shot can make a doll photo so much more realistic. Don't be afraid to photograph the tiny details of your dolls!

Tip #3- Strike a glamor pose!
Sometimes the trick to a good photo is making the doll pose well. Interesting poses make for interesting photos and make the dolls seem more lifelike. 

Tip #4- When working indoors, use a white background.
The lighting indoors is better for white backgrounds. Plus, don't worry about the photos being "boring" if you use a white background, you can always apply color filters and such later.

Tip #5- Couple/Group photos enhance realism! 
Using more than one doll in a photo can enhance the realism by showing that the little world of the dolls is bigger than we think! Plus couple photos are just so cute.

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Thanks for reading, stay awesome, and I'll see you in our next post!