Budget Cooking - Pizza Biscuits

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm here with a recipe post for you! You all voted on Instagram for us to release this recipe, and it's SUPER easy and SUPER delish! So let's get into the recipe! Also, apologies in advance, I don't have step by step pics or the finished product- we ate it up so fast! Also I tend to forget these things as I enjoy the process of cooking too much. So I hope this recipe is still follow-able! I will try and improve on remembering to take pics!

-Pizza Sauce (We got ours from Walmart, just simple Walmart Great Value brand sauce, about $2 for a huge jar, but you won't need that much)
-A can of jumbo biscuits (We got ours for 70 cents)
-Pizza blend cheese (We got it at for about $1.50)
-A cookie sheet
-Some kind of oil cooking spray! We forgot to grease the pan and ours got stuck to it! Don't be like us!

-GREASE THE PAN! I stress this because our mistake was really bad and the pan is really hard to clean if you make this mistake.

-Lay out the biscuits on the greased pan. Use a spoon to make a big crater in the middle of each biscuit.

-Fill the crater with sauce first, then cheese, then your desired toppings.

-Bake in the oven for however long the biscuit package says (Ours was 13 minutes.)

-Serve! These little personal pizzas are delicious, and the biscuit crust is heavenly. TO IMPROVE- my friend suggested brushing garlic butter over the biscuit edges to make them better.

We were able to feed ourselves well for under $5! This is one of the best budget recipes so far, and it's vegetarian friendly! This recipe makes enough for two people to each get four biscuit pizzas, which was more than enough for us!

What do you all think of this recipe? Do you all want more recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

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