DIY Agere Accessories to Make While Bored at Home! - LINK LIST

Ciao lovelies! You all have been asking for more Agere content and I’m here to deliver! While I haven’t had the time to make any new DIY tutorials for you all because I’ve been moving into my new home and doing online school, today I have gathered up links to as many of our posts that contain DIY’s that you can use to add Agere themed cuteness to your wardrobe! With each DIY link I will be explaining how it can be used for Agere. I will also be making categories, so scroll through to find whatever you’re looking for. If you have any DIY’s you’d like to see that aren’t on this list, be sure to leave a comment below!

I hope you all enjoy this link-filled post of DIY Agere accessories to make while bored at home, and hopefully I can make some new DIY’s for Agere soon! For now, let’s get into the list!


1.       DIY Cat Ears Headband – This can be worn with just about any Agere or Kidcore outfit. You can make this DIY in any colors you’d like, and with or without the bow. I have so many cat-ear headbands that I wear with my Agere and kidcore outfits, and even with my other outfits. I think they’re a fashion staple, at least for me they are!

2.       DIY Monster High Bows – I LOVE Monster High, both when regressed and not. I think it’s a great show and movies for any age regressor. Naturally, I had to make a DIY of some MH themed bows. You could wear these in your hair, but also you could clip them onto the straps of a pair of overalls too!

3.       DIY Unicorn Headband – Another super cute headband DIY. This headband can be worn with any cute and colorful outfit. I think it would fit in great with a rainbow themed kidcore or Agere outfit. Plus, you can use it to play dress-up or pretend!

4.       DIY Pokemon Hair Clips – These are perfect as hairclips, but you could also glue on safety pins instead of hairclips, to make these into pins for a backpack or to go on a pair of overalls or even to pin onto a cool jacket!

5.       DIY Mini Top Hat – This little top hat is perfect for playing dress up with! I also love pairing this hat with kawaii-themed outfits, not just for dress-up. I think this little hat would make a great accessory for you or a stuffie to wear to a tea-party!

6.       DIY Summer Themed Tiara/ DIY Mermaid Tiara – This DIY is perfect for a Mermaid themed Agere or Kidcore outfit. It’s also perfect to play dress up as a sea-themed Royal! It’s not too terribly hard to make but I’d still ask for help from a friend, or make it when not regressed.


1.       DIY Tote Bag from a Dishtowel – This DIY is one of my all-time faves that I’ve ever made. If you regress to a slightly older age, you could potentially make this while small, but I think I’d prefer to make it while not regressed. But it pairs nicely with an Agere or kidcore outfit depending on the pattern of the dishtowel you pick.

2.       DIY Cat Purse – Another DIY I’d recommend to make when not regressed, as it is pretty complex. I based this post off a Yumi King tutorial (the video is embedded in the post that I linked.) I think this purse would go nicely with a pair of cat ears!


1.       DIY Chokers Level 1 – OFT’s basic level 1 tutorial for making chokers. I love wearing chokers with every outfit. They just make every outfit look super cute, in my opinion. This can be made to look very kawaii, kidcore, or any aesthetic depending on the materials you pick.

2.       DIY Chokers Level 2 – OFT’s second level choker tutorial. This one is a little more complicated than the first.

3.       DIY Alien Pins and Ring – This is a very old tutorial from an old blog of mine that I transferred over. I think this alien jewelry set is super adorable and could work for a space themed Agere look!

4.       DIY Beaded Heart Necklace – Another VERY old tutorial from an old blog of mine that I transferred to OFT. This tutorial is a little complex, so I advise to make it when not regressed, but it’s cute to make in primary colors for a kidcore look!
So those are the DIY links I have for you all today! I hope you have lots of fun crafting! If you make any OFT DIY’s, please tag us on Instagram ( @onlyfunthingsblog ) or use #OFTreaders to get a shoutout, if your account is a safe account! (No gore, inappropriate things, etc).

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Thanks again for reading, remember to stay awesome, love yourself, and I'll see you in our next post!


  1. Good ideas to stay busy- hang in there, girl!

  2. Love this! Totally gonna try and make a DIY choker!=)

    1. Thank you! I hope you have fun making a choker!


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