DIY Cat Purse

Ciao lovelies! Today I'm going to share with you how to make a DIY Cat purse! (For basic sewing skills!)
For this purse you will need-
Felt in the colors you want (4 sheets for main body, and 1 sheet for accent colors)
Ribbon or lace
Findings (2 large jump rings, 2 small jump rings, and 2 hooks)
Hot glue 
Sewing supplies (thread, needle and scissors)

So below, I will have pictures of the steps and explain them afterwards:
 Step one- Blanket stitch two pieces of felt (8inchx12inch) together around 3 sides. Turn right side out.
Step two- Cut two pieces of felt same color as body color. (1inchx4inch). Fold in half through the large jump rings. Sew under the rings. 
 Step four- Sew the ring strips onto the sides of the pouch we made earlier.
Step five- Lay another 8 by 12 inch felt piece over the back as shown, with enough being folded over that it makes a flap on the front. Glue/sew down. (Don't sew the bag closed!)
Step six- Round the front flap (I put a white piece of felt under the front flap to show how I rounded it)
Step seven- cut out your face pieces and lay them out how you want them, then glue/sew everything down. 

Step eight- Cut four pieces for the ears that look like the top pic of this strip. They look like little houses! Sew/glue in couples. (2 pieces per ear.)
Step nine- Glue/sew other color triangles in the ears, then sew/glue the rectangle part to the back of the bag like shown.
Step ten- Glue/sew velcro onto the front flap and pouch so that it holds the bag closed.
Step eleven- Make the strap by taking ribbon/lace and sewing it onto the small jump rings. Attach the clasps to the small jump rings, and then onto the large ones.

And you're done!

The black cat is for my roomie/bestie. I made myself one as well:
(Mine was the first one I made for practice.)

I based this tutorial off a Yumi King tutorial (the cat purse in this video):
If you make your own cat purse, you should tag both Yumi King (@yumi_king on Instagram) and myself (@onlyfunthingsblog on Instagram) in your Insta pics! If you wouldn't mind of course. I'd love to see your creations!

Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow/sunday! (Tomorrow is my significant other's birthday so I may not have time to post. It's his 21st!)

Stay lovely!