How to Make DIY Unicorn Headband - Super Cute and Easy DIY!

Ciao lovelies! For today's post, we are going to be making a DIY Unicorn Headband! You could use this headband for a unicorn costume or for every day wear! 

What You'll Need:

A head band, hot glue gun (Be sure to get adult supervision!), craft foam in various colors, and (not pictured) scissors and markers.

How to Make DIY Unicorn Headband:

Step One:

Cut 2 ears and one horn shape out of white craft foam.

Step Two:

Use markers to color the inside of the ears, and make a color pattern on the horn.

Step Three:

Fold over the bottom edge of the ears and hot glue in place.

Step Four:

Hot glue the ears and horn onto the headband. For the horn, I cut a vertical slit about an inch up from the bottom, then I hot glued the flaps in opposite directions. 

Step Five:

Use other colors of foam to make embellishments and glue them on. The leaves are just two teardrop shapes from green foam. The flower was cut out of pink foam and the center is just a yellow foam circle.

And you're done!

This DIY unicorn headband is super easy to make, looks great, and is fun to wear. If you recreate this DIY, share your pictures with us on Instagram using #OFTreaders or tagging our account @onlyfunthingsblog !

What do you think of this DIY? Let us know in the comments!

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