How to Make DIY Monster High Inspired Bows

Ciao lovelies! Today, I got inspired by one of my fave franchises of all time, Monster High! I crafted 4 Fangtastic bows to share with you all! And I'm sharing how to make each one too! 

What You'll Need:

You will need:

- A hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (Please be careful with hot glue and get adult supervision! Even low temp hot glue guns like the one I am using can burn you!)


-Craft foam, I used Black, Pink, and Sparkly Pink

-Alligator hair clips

-Desired embellishments (I used a Skullette that I made from Model Magic, some Monster High stickers, and an old Monster High doll purse. )

How to Make DIY Monster High Inspired Bows:

Bow #1- Giant Skullette Bow

Step One:
 Cut out two shapes from Craft Foam. A big rectangle from Black Craft Foam, and a long skinny rectangle from Pink Craft Foam.

Step Two:
 Fold the black rectangle accordion style and glue the folds. 

Step Three:
Wrap the long skinny pink rectangle around the middle and secure with hot glue. 

Step Four:
 Glue an alligator clip to the back of the bow. 

Step Five:
 Cut scalloped edges onto the edges of the bow, to make it resemble bat wings. 

Step Six:
To complete the bow, glue the Skullette (or your desired charm) onto the front. For a more secure hold, I scratched lines into the back of the Skullette charm with scissors before gluing it down. 

Bows #2 + #3 - Pigtail Bows

Step One:
Make two smaller bows in the method shown above.

Step Two:
Glue on your embellishments. For these bows, I chose to glue on an old Monster High doll purse,and a Frankie Stein 3D sticker. 

Here is what each one looks like close up:

Bow #4- Glitter Bow!

Step One:
Follow the steps above to make a basic bow out of Glittery Pink Craft Foam. Do not scallop the edges.

Step Two:
Glue on your desired embellishment. I glued on a 3D sticker of Draculaura.

And you've now completed 4 DIY Monster High inspired Bows!

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