DIY Midsummer Tiara

Ciao lovelies! Today, I thought we could make a cool tiara inspired by Midsummer!

For this project, you'll need:
-Florists wire (you can get it at Dollar Tree)
-Wire cutters/pliers 
-Hot glue
-Felt scraps
-Your desired decor (I'm using a shell, and some old pieces to a broken necklace)

First, you'll need to make the basic shape of your tiara. Bend the wire around your head into a headband shape, then twist the ends into loops. Tie ribbon onto the loops to create your base. 
Here is what those steps look like:

Now we can decorate! Use felt on the back of your desired decor to secure it onto your wire with hot glue. I also added a bow and rhinestone to the shell.

And you're done!

 Happy Summer! 

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PS, I've gotten some questions regarding my background in some of my crafting pics (the flowers, etc). I actually use a placemat as a crafting mat! It was like 80c at Walmart!

Stay awesome, and I'll see you in our next post!