75 Agere Journal Prompts MEGALIST

Ciao lovelies! The first time I wrote about Age Regression Journals was in 2018, a whole 4 years ago (that feels weird to say omg). So I thought, since I’ve had 4 years to compile it for myself, I would share my MEGALIST of 75 Age Regression Journal Prompts with you all!

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And now, let’s begin this list!

75 Agere Journal Prompts - MEGALIST

*PS* scroll to the bottom, for pictures of examples from my personal journal! 

  1. Draw yourself a kawaii bento lunch!
  2. Write down any chores for the day as a to-do list or sticker check off list
  3. Design a smol outfit
  4. Make a playlist for your littlespace
  5. Draw portraits of your stuffies
  6. Write your headcanons for your comfort characters as caregivers
  7. Write down some animal facts from different parts of the world that interest you!
  8. List items that are your favorite color
  9. Make a magazine collage with a specific theme
  10. List ideas you want to do in certain seasons
  11. List your favorite agere nicknames
  12. Write down any agere headcanons you have for fictional characters or OCs
  13. List stuffie name ideas
  14. List all your current stuffie names
  15. List your favorite phone apps for littlespace
  16. Make a tier list of your opinions on different types of candy
  17. Draw what your favorite characters would look like as stuffies
  18. Invent a new kidcore fashion trend
  19. List 5 facts about your favorite sea animal
  20. Design your Jolly Roger if you were a pirate
  21. Draw yourself as a Pokemon Trainer
  22. List how you deal with stress in agere methods
  23. Write out any recipes you can make while regressed
  24. List crafts you’d like to make
  25. Make a page about your morning routine when regressed
  26. Make a page about your night time routine when regressed
  27. Write out any rules or guidelines you have when regressed
  28. What’s on your Agere/Littlespace Movies list?
  29. Write about what you would do on a visit to the beach
  30. List any animes you like when small
  31. List your favorite agere books
  32. Dear Past Me - What would you tell your past self?
  33. Dear Future Me - What would you tell your future self?
  34. List songs that make you regress
  35. List your regression triggers (positive or negative)
  36. Write about how you would comfort a friend in need
  37. Write about your dream vacation
  38. Make your christmas/birthday/holiday gift wishlist
  39. List your fave agere video games
  40. List your favorite stims
  41. Write a letter to your favorite fictional character
  42. Write a letter to a friend or family member
  43. Play I spy and write down the categories and things you find
  44. Make a page of your top 5 agere songs from the last month
  45. List free activities you can do when regressed
  46. Make a collage page from a coloring sheet and stickers
  47. Play scavenger hunt with stickers of your preferred theme
  48. Use a page to write down word games like word scrambles and mad libs
  49. Fill a page with positive messages for yourself to read later
  50. Write down tarot interpretations if you do tarot reading while smol
  51. List ideas for kandi bracelets you could make
  52. Declare a random day a holiday of some kind, write down how you celebrate it
  53. Use a page to “braindump” all of your current thoughts, even if it’s babbling
  54. Make a sticker collage inspired by your caregiver
  55. Make a sticker collage inspired by the seasons
  56. Trace your hand onto the page and give yourself fun nail art, tattoos, or accessories
  57. Draw a race track for a toy car, add obstacles or scenery with stickers
  58. Write a social media profile page for a comfort character
  59. Make a “top secret” file with your stuffie’s secrets >:)
  60. Make a collage inspired by yourself
  61. Dedicate a page to facts about one of your special interests
  62. Write a poem for your pet (or fave stuffie!)
  63. Draw a scene around a sticker of your favorite animal
  64. Draw the inside of a house and use stickers to furnish and decorate it
  65. Draw a scene to play with your toys in
  66. Try a mindful reset page (List problems you’re facing, then list more positive mindset changes to each one)
  67. Document the stories you play out with dolls or toys
  68. Write down “this or that” prompts in one color then answer them in another color !
  69. Use stickers to tell a story or make a fun comic
  70. Fill a page with word art, using any words that make you feel smol
  71. Make a list of all of your OCs
  72. Use a page to document Minecraft coordinates of your favorite builds
  73. Draw the outline of a purse or bag, and use stickers to show what a character of your choice would have in their bag, or-
  74. Use stickers to show what you would put in your dream agere bag!
  75. Draw a face on a page in marker or pen, and use makeup to decorate it! (or face paint :p)

Examples From My Journal:

What do you think of these ideas? Personally, I’ve been journaling way more lately, even outside of a specifically regressed mental space. I have to fill all those notebooks I’ve hoarded, after all! (Fellow creatives, can you blame me? I’m sure we all have a notebook stash somewhere XD)

Thank you very much for reading! I appreciate greatly each and every one of you who chooses to visit OFT and view the content I make for it! You lovelies really do brighten my days, just seeing how our community has grown and has developed into such a supportive, bright, and positive space! I, for one, love what our little corner of the internet has become. :)

I hope you enjoyed this list, and don’t hesitate to comment your thoughts below!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your super cute work :) I will be trying out all these journal prompts for sure. LittleSugarPuppp x

    1. thank you very much! I hope you enjoy using the journal prompts! :)

  2. aghh thank you so much for this!! exactly what i was looking for now i can finish my agere journal :3


  4. I love the art and I am very thankful for you helpful prompts!


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