52 Quaintrelle Blog Post Prompts/Challenges

Ciao lovelies! I’m finding that recently I’m filled with so much energy and vigor for life! Even though I have quite a lot going on, I’m really excited about all of it! I think this is very much due to the fact that I am finding so much joy in returning to the Quaintrelle Lifestyle. I hope you all don’t mind that I have been posting about it so much! It just brings me such joy. Today’s post goes right along with this theme, as I want to share the Quaintrelle Lifestyle community that I created on DreamWidth and provide a list of 52 prompts (one per week for one year) for any other Quaintrelle bloggers to use as they would wish!

To begin, if you are confused on what the Quaintrelle Lifestyle is, please read my post on “What is a Quaintrelle?”

So in that post, I discussed making a community for Quaintrelles where we could chat and share! Well I have created a rough framework for this community on DreamWidth.

Please consider joining the online Quaintrelle Lifestyle community!

And now, for the long part of this post! I wrote up a list of 52 Quaintrelle Blog Post Prompts/Challenges. One post per week for a whole year! Of course, you don’t have to space them out that way, and you certainly don’t have to write them in order. These are just a bank of prompts for your use on any blog you so choose. You can even answer them on the Quaintrelle Lifestyle community!

Without further ado, here are the prompts!

52 Quaintrelle Blog Post Prompts/Challenges

  1. What does being a Quaintrelle mean to you? If you had to define “Quaintrelle” in your own words, what would you say?
  2. In terms of Fashion, what is your favorite historical time period? What aspects of the fashion are your favorite?
  3. Do you have any “little rituals,” like anything you do habitually, that enhances your Quaintrelle lifestyle? 
  4. Do you have a morning routine? What does it entail? If you don’t have one, what would your ideal morning look like?
  5. Do you have an evening/night routine? What does it entail? If you don’t have one, what would your ideal evening look like?
  6. What is your go-to fashion accessory? Why do you select it so often? Does it have sentimental value to you? How does it make you feel to wear it?
  7. Do you engage in any historically based habits, like taking afternoon tea? If so, what do you do? What time period was it common in? Why do you like to do it?
  8. Do you have any handicraft skills, like sewing, knitting, crochet, wood carving, perfume mixing, etc? If so, what is your skill? What projects have you made recently?
  9. If you could design a dream outfit combining any pieces from any time periods, what would your dream look be?
  10. Do you have a favorite musical artist? Are they modern or from another era? What drew you to their music?
  11. Do you have a favorite piece of art? Who is the artist? What year was it created? What about the art piece speaks to you?
  12. Do you have a favorite book? Who is the author? What is the underlying theme of the book, in your opinion? 
  13. What part of your everyday routine do you find the most joy in? 
  14. This week’s prompt is a challenge- find one beautiful thing about each day, and jot it down. Explain how this made you feel. Are you now noticing more lovely things in each day? Was it hard to choose just one thing each day?
  15. Share on your blog a recent lesson you have learned about life. It can be something small, or something profound; the choice is yours. 
  16. Do you think courtesy is a lost skill? Or do you notice that people practice courtesy in different ways in modern eras? What do you think is the contrast/comparison between past and present ways of being courteous?
  17. Do you have a signature scent? How did you pick this particular scent for yourself? If you don’t have a signature scent, what is your favorite type of perfume and why?
  18. What is a pastime that you find relaxing? How often do you partake in it? Why does it relax you?
  19. Do you have any hobbies that people might not expect from you? What is the hobby/what are the hobbies? Why do you think people wouldn’t expect you to have these hobbies? If you don’t think you have any “unexpected” hobbies, you may choose to write about a hobby that you find particularly fun. 
  20. Have you ever taken a class that was of particular interest to you? What was the class about, and what exactly about this class caught your interest? What did you take away from it?
  21. What about your life currently do you find particular luxurious? This can be anything, from a designated bubble-bath night, to perhaps a particular snack you’ve been purchasing. Why do you find it luxurious? If you can’t immediately think of anything, I encourage you to really reflect on your daily life here. Something doesn’t need to be monetarily expensive to be lavish/luxurious.
  22. What are you currently grateful for? You can list one, or many, things here. You may also choose to include why you’re grateful for each thing you list.
  23. This week’s prompt is a challenge. The challenge is to create an art piece. It does not have to be “perfect,” but merely needs to be something you created simply for the sake of creating it. Share this piece and talk about the process of creating it.
  24. Reflect on your childhood. If you can recall, what was your dream job as a child? Why do you think you aspired for this career? Are there any traits of that career that you feel you developed over time?
  25. This week’s prompt is a challenge. The challenge is to put together a “look-book” of 5 outfits you feel capture your everyday “aesthetic.” If you would like, share your reflections on this exercise. Did you learn anything about your personal style?
  26. Do you have any tips on affording “luxurious” things on a budget? (Remember, luxury does not have to equate to wealth/monetary amount. Luxury is a feeling.) What budgeting or sale-hunting tips do you have for fellow Quaintrelles looking for the perfect items for their lifestyle?
  27. Video Challenge! If you feel comfortable, make a video showing how to form your favorite Quaintrelle themed hairstyles. If you’re camera-shy, you may also opt to make a blog post talking about your favorite historical era for hairstyles.
  28. Share your favorite savory or sweet recipe. You may also choose to talk about why you like the recipe.
  29. Do you keep a journal? If so, talk about your journal a little bit. Do you have it decorated? What sort of things do you write in it? Is it more like a scrapbook, or more full of writing, or drawings? If you don’t keep a journal, talk about your ideal journal, or talk about why you prefer not to keep a journal (or may not be able to currently).
  30. In what ways do you try to create your own happiness each day? Talk a little about each way you do this, and why it makes you happy.
  31. Do you have a specific skin care routine or product that you use? Talk a little about how you take care of your skin. If you don’t use any product or have any routine, you may choose to talk about why that is, or alternatively, what product you’d like to try but haven’t. 
  32. Do you know any natural beauty remedies? If so, talk a little about what you know, or have heard about. Have you ever tried any natural beauty remedies? 
  33. What aspects of historical fashion, if any, do you incorporate into your daily fashion? If you don’t currently, what aspects of historical fashion from any era would you ever want to try wearing, even if it’s only once?
  34. How do you personally cultivate confidence within yourself? Talk about how you might help yourself to feel more confident on a daily basis.
  35. Do you think Honor (keeping one’s word, being loyal, etc) is as highly valued today as it was in the past? If not, how do you think it has changed? What do you think could be improved upon. If you do think that it’s still highly valued, how have things stayed similar to past practices? 
  36. How do you maintain your health? Talk about how you practice healthy living in a Quaintrelle way. Do you exercise by dancing? Maybe stay in shape using Yoga? Or perhaps make healthy foods appealing by making cute arrangements?
  37. How do you make your sleep more luxurious/enjoyable? Are there any historically based tips you found on improving sleep that you agree with? 
  38. What does the word “Duty” mean to you? What do you feel is your most pressing duty? Why is it so important to you?
  39. Self-Care Days are very important. Do you take any self-care days? How often? What do you do on these days? 
  40. What are your Quaintrelle essentials? What items must you have with you or use everyday that bring that aspect of luxury to your life?
  41. What do you have in your bag/purse that you feel are must-have items for every Quaintrelle?
  42. If you could live in any time period for a day, what time period would you choose and why? What would you do in this era?
  43. If you could bring any aspect of any era into the modern era, what would you choose and why? (You may want to do multiple aspects). 
  44. What lifestyle aspects do you want to improve in your life? This can be anything from “I want to be more grateful of what I have” or maybe even “I want to keep my living space tidy.” Why do you want to improve in this aspect? Do you feel this would help in your Quaintrelle lifestyle?
  45. Do you collect anything? If so, do you feel that your collection has tie-ins to your lifestyle? What do you collect and what drew you to begin collecting?
  46. What is your ultimate favorite clothing item, and why? Is there a story behind how you acquired it? Or perhaps you have a reason as to why you wear it so often?
  47. Do you enjoy visiting museums? What is your favorite museum you’ve ever been to? What was your favorite section or exhibit?
  48. Do you like historical architecture? What is your favorite era? If you aren’t familiar with historical styles of architecture, try to research and discover which one you like most. Why are you drawn to that particular era/style?
  49. Have you been on any exciting trips in the past few years? Do you travel like a Quaintrelle? What aspects of your travel aligned with your lifestyle? If nothing, what do you feel could make the traveling more Quaintrelle themed?
  50. How have you decorated your living space? Do you have a historical taste in decor? Or do you tend to learn more modern? What is your favorite piece of decor in your space? Does it have sentimental value to you?
  51. Do you go antiquing?/Have you ever been to an antique shop? What is your favorite find you’ve ever bought at an antique shop? *If you’ve never been, think about the same questions in context of Thrift shopping*
  52. Think objectively about your life. In what ways do you feel that you embody your definition of “Quaintrelle”? Think back on the first prompt. What was your defintion of Quaintrelle? Do you fit into it? Has it changed at all in the past year? And, looking forward, how do you think it might change into the future?

What do you think of these prompts? Will you be using any of them?

Whew… now if you’ll excuse me, I need a nap! I wrote this whole list in only 2 days, so I may be a little exhausted now.

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  1. Luna, you've truly outdone yourself with this post. I'm impressed you wrote all the prompts in just 2 days. I really love all of the prompts and I'm definitely going to use them. I'm not sure if I'll do them all on my blog or maybe save half to post on the Dreamwidth journal, I'll need to meditate on that a bit.
    Enjoy your nap!

    ~Lady Nicole


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