Magical Themed Gifts Guide for Agere / SFW Littlespace

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is themed around Magic, specifically it’s a gift guide of ideas for magical themed gifts for regressors! The links included are affiliate links for Amazon, to be clear. This means that any purchases made through those links will help OFT earn money. I am also including a list at the end of DIY gift ideas from OFT’s DIY posts, for those who would prefer to make a gift for their loved one than buy one. I hope this guide can help someone find the perfect gift for their beloved regressor/little in their life. Let’s get into it!

Everyone loves a cuddly plushie, and for our magical theme I have an adorable unicorn plush to show you! Check out this APHMAU Unicorn Plushie, with big sparkly eyes, rainbow hair, soft fur and a squishy plush body!

If you prefer toys to plushies, I cannot recommend enough getting your hands on some Magic Mixies! These adorable little figures have special powers that activate with an included wand, and come in an adorable little lavender cauldron! PS, that purple gem can reveal the type of Mixie with the heat from your hands and such.

Paci’s are not for everyone, but if your little (or yourself) like them, check out this 3 pack of them which includes this magical purple unicorn themed adult pacifier! I use these primarily for sleeping, as it prevents me from sleeping with my mouth open or grinding my teeth.

Encanto is all about Magic, and so I recommend checking out this set of Isabella and Mirabel’s outfits for 18 Inch dolls. That scale of doll clothing covers dolls like American Girl, ⅓ scale bjd, Our Generation, Disney Animators, Reborn, Build a bear. I used it for a costume for Tails. XD 

What’s better than a stackable tower of pastel rings with adorable designs? One that you can chew safely on, of course! This silicone stacking tower is one of my favorite little items, and it has such a lovely magical star right on top!

Fashion Angels have my favorite sticker books, and this one filled to the brim with magical unicorns, narwhals, merkitties, puppies, etc is no exception! I use this constantly for my agere journal, the bright vivid colors are standout and lovely. 

Bubbles are one of the most fun outside little activities for me recently, and this Magical Bubble Wand is why! It creates countless bubbles just by the push of a button and it really does feel like I’m casting magic spells with it.

This pink bodysuit I’m recommending not only due to it’s comfort, but also because the design of the ruffle sleeves reminds me very much of Sailor Moon! I do plan on making some agere magical girl inspired outfits soon, by the way.

This bodysuit with a Magical Girl inspired pattern is so cute, I wear onesies for sleeping a lot or under some overalls, and these are so kawaii, I think they would be so cute for some kind of agere magical theme outfit! 

Luck is a form of magic, and so attracting luck with a bracelet is a good idea! This one I have IRL, I like it a lot and the design is adorbs. 

Working back to Encanto, I found these Encanto T-shirts with Big Kid sizes that can fit some adults. I’m still working to find reliable sources of “kidult” clothes because why should bio kids get all the cute stuff, right? 

Barbie is a classic, and this Barbie is based on fairytales. She has fairy wings, a mermaid tale, and I think she's even a princess. Pretend play and acting out magical scenarios could be brighter with this Barbie! 

Unicorn Shampoo? YES! This is from a brand called Glimmer Wish, and their products smell amazing! This particular shampoo smells like vanilla and cotton candy, it’s so magical. PS: you can use my code MACKENZIEANKROM for 10% off on their website, not on Amazon. 

Decor that stands out isn’t too hard to track down, and these sparkly iridescent Fringe Curtain Backdrops are so shiny and definitely stand out. These could make Youtube video backgrounds, selfie backgrounds, room decor, a door curtain, etc! 

Representing the classic magical maven herself, these Sailor Moon pens have kawaii appeal and have smooth writing for yourself or your little to use in their agere journal! 

Lastly for the shopping ideas, I definitely needed to include a dragon in this magical guide. So here’s a link to a beautiful rainbow dragon figure: because everyone loves dragons!

Now, for the DIY gift ideas:

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How to Make a DIY Unicorn Notebook

How to Draw Your Dragon - Tutorial by Nightsong

Thank you for joining me today to read this magical themed gift guide for that special little in your life- even if that's you! 🙂

Stay awesome, and Remember to Love Yourself!