How to Make DIY Kawaii Pens!

Ciao lovelies! Do you like kawaii stationary? Have you ever wanted kawaii pens? Well today I'm going to show you how you can make super kawaii pens out of regular pens! It's super easy and fun! Let's get started!

What You'll Need:
You will want for this project:
-Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue sticks
-Pens like the ones pictured
-Craft Foam
-Rhinestones or other desired embellishments

And lastly, not mentioned but pictured in every step- a placemat or other surface to work on, I'm using a placemat from the dollar store. 

There are two different styles of Kawaii Pen design that I'm crafting today, so let's start with Method one:

For method one we'll be creating this super kawaii pen that reminds me of a magical girl's wand. Here are the steps:

Step one is fairly simple. You'll need to wrap the pen in your desired ribbon, here I'm using an elastic pink and sparkly ribbon. To wrap the ribbon around your pen, secure the end of the ribbon onto the end of the pen using hot glue. Then wrap the ribbon around the pen until you reach the end, and secure with glue periodically. Glue down the end of the ribbon, and your pen should be wrapped now!

So let's move on to decorating the end, with steps two and three!

To make the embellishment for the end of the pen, cut a heart from craft foam and glue on some rhinestones in your desired colors and shapes. I went for a random yet symmetrical pattern. 

Then glue the now-decorated-heart onto the end of the pen using hot glue!

And you're done with Method 1!

So now let's make a different style of pen for our second and last method, Method 2:

 This pen design is super cute, I love bows so I love this method so much!

So how do we make this style of pen? Here are the steps:

For this pen design, wrap the pen in your desired ribbon like we did in Method 1. I chose a hot pink Hello Kitty ribbon this time. 

Next, make a bow from a somewhat thick-width ribbon. I used a white satin ribbon to make my bow. Now glue the bow directly to the top of the pen. 

Lastly we get to have some fun with some fabulous rhinestones! I glued a big teardrop shaped silver rhinestone to the center of the bow first.

Lastly, I glued a pink oval rhinestone to the big silver one, and I also added some small silver rhinestones to the top corners of the bow!

And you've now completed two methods/designs of how to make DIY kawaii pens!

What do you think of these tutorials? Will you be making your own DIY kawaii pens? Let me know in the comments, or tag us in your creations on Instagram using #OFTreaders to be featured in our story or on our feed! 
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