Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Inspired Animal Crossing Outfits!

Ciao lovelies! A special interest of mine is dinosaurs, and also the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World universe and franchise! I have recently been enjoying the Netflix animated show “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous,” and I felt inspired. While playing Animal Crossing, I decided to make outfits for my islander based on or inspired by the characters in the show! 

These outfits aren’t always based on what the character is directly wearing, as I challenged myself to make these outfits with ONLY what I had in my ACNH wardrobe at the time. As a result, some of these outfits are inspired by the characters, rather than close to their personal style. 

Another quick note, I changed my character’s eye and hair color for each outfit to match the Camp Cretaceous character. I did want to mention that some of these characters are people of color, and I didn’t feel comfortable changing my islander to match skin tones because that felt appropriative and insensitive, so if you are wondering about that, that’s why. 

Our first camper-inspired outfit is inspired by… Yasmina!

For the Yasmina inspired outfit, I wanted to capture the athletic side of Yas. I didn’t have anything in my animal crossing wardrobe that looked similar to her clothing in the show, so, working with what I do have, I paired a sporty sweater with some stretch leggings and cute sneakers. I like the look of this, it’s sporty and casual but also feels very cute. 

Our next camper-inspired outfit is inspired by… Sammy!

For this outfit, I was able to get a look that was closer to her in-show clothing than most of the others. I chose my Nook inc leaf shirt because I wanted something similar to Sammy’s tank top pattern. My wardrobe had no dark jeans, so I opted for a denim skirt. I felt like she would have a cute backpack, so her outfit includes a woven grass pack. The bow is a nod to her headband in the show, and her boots are the closest thing I have to brown cowboy boots. 

This next outfit is inspired by Darius! 

Darius’s character is very interesting to me, and I love how he tries to be optimistic and quick-thinking in all situations, even when things seem grim. Even when Darius loses hope at times, the other campers use his own words to help him through his concerns. The outfit I chose reflects a few things. I wanted something with Yellow, because to me, that is a very optimistic color. I also wanted yellow because his first outfit has a yellow jacket. The high ponytail and crossbody bag are to show that he is resourceful and more focused on learning and seeing dinosaurs in the beginning than anyone else in the camp. I wanted the feeling of this outfit to be very practical and somewhat academic, but also cute and bright. 

The next outfit is inspired by our fave influencer…Brooklynn! (I actually looked on google a bit ago, and her name is listed as “Brook-Lynne” which, I guess, is the correct spelling, I was working off what the subtitles have. Oops…)

Brooklyn’s outfit is, of course, a mashup of fashionable and functional. When creating this look, I envisioned the bag as a crossbody strap for a camera. ^-^’ Her pink coat is a nod to her “classic” look with her pink varsity jacket. The flower pants I picked because Brooklynn really doesn’t strike me as a skirts type person, and with how many adventures she's constantly going on for her channel, I feel like she is always dressed for functionality, not just fashion. I chose yellow shoes because in the show, hers are white, but my ACNH wardrobe had no white sneakers (oops!). 

Next up, this outfit is inspired by…Ben!

Ben’s inspired outfit is one of the ones that is far different from what his outfit is in the show. The bug cage is a reference to his “dork pouch,” but everything else is purely inspired by. For this, I wanted to create a look that felt both cute and also highly practical and honestly, a bit “frumpy.” This is the look I landed on. Creating an outfit for Ben was honestly really difficult with my ACNH wardrobe. I wanted to capture the feeling of cautious, careful Ben from season 1. Honestly, I think I like this outfit the least out of all of them, mainly because of how much it deviates from his character outfit and all.

The last character-inspired outfit is inspired by…. Kenji!

For Kenji’s outfit, I wanted to capture the colors of his canon outfit in the show, while still making sure to be fashionable. Kenji is definitely the type to care about fashion and appearances, so I wanted to reflect that. He does have red sneakers in the show, so I made sure to keep that detail. The blue bow is a nod to his blue shirt in the show. The dress combo I chose has the colors of Kenji’s in-show outfit, with a fashionable twist. The dress is in a trendy, layered style, ideal for casual but fashionable attire.

Now I want to know, what do you think? Which of these outfits is your favorite? (Oh, also, pleassseeeee do not comment anything about season 4, I’m not caught up, I just finished season 3 ;-;)

My personal fave of these is Sammy’s, I feel like it really matches her. Yasmina’s outfit is my second fave, tho. 

Thanks for reading, and happy New Year from my ACNH island, Invitea 2!

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Most importantly, please remember to stay awesome, and love yourself! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day, and taking the time you need for your wellness!

Thanks again for reading!


  1. I haven't seen this show but the outfits are sooo cute and seem so thoughtful, it makes me wanna watch! :) my favorite outfit is Kenji!

    1. you should totally watch it, if you're okay with the whole "killer dinos" thing, i know that is scary x.x but it's suchhhh a good series!

  2. I actually am not familiar with this series, but my favorite is Brooklynn. I looked up the character on Google and she looks cute in the show, too. I like that you can see her roots lol.
    Making outfits in Animal Crossing is a lot of fun ^_^ What outfit does your char usually wear? Or do you change it every day?

    1. in my acnh island, I typically change clothes everyday, but I do have a few saved on my bug wand. My favorite one of those saved ones is called "game show host" and it's the comedian suit top and bottom, white tights, sparkly pumps in black, the visual punk wig, sunglasses (usually labelle's), and a cat nose + whiskers. it's just so fun!

    2. omg >.< just realized the new years pic has the exact outfit i was talking about!! lol


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