How to Vlog! PLUS 10 Vlogging Ideas and 5 Tips!

Ciao lovelies! Today I want to talk about Vlogging. I’m sure many of us have seen a vlog before, but for those who haven’t: Vlog is a mash-up of the words “Video” and “Blog.” Vlogging is when someone makes a video-blog, or “Vlog.” Vlogging has become pretty popular on video sharing sites like YouTube, and it’s not hard to get into. So today, I’ve got some basic “How-To’s” of vlogging and 5 tips and 10 ideas for those of you who want to take the plunge and film your first vlog!

The Basics (How to Vlog)

All you need to vlog is just a camera, account on a video sharing site, some time, and something to talk about. Think of a vlog as though it’s just a video version of blogging. So, if you’re unsure of what to say, think about what you’d want to write a blog post about (or check out our list of ideas below).

Vlogs are sometimes unscripted, but a lot of people also have basic scripts or simply write down the topic that they want to talk about, to help keep them on track when they vlog.

 Sometimes people film niche vlogs, or vlogs centered around particular categories or topics (like Travel, DIY, behind the scenes, etc).

How to Vlog Step by Step:

Step One: Acquire the basics (account on video sharing site like YouTube, camera)

Step Two: Pick a topic to talk about or film. I like to film “A Day in My Life” vlogs which are random but follow me on my various adventures. You could also film vlogs where you talk on one particular topic. Check below in our ideas and tips list for more ideas.

Step Three: Set up your space.  You may not have to do this if you film, let’s say, a travel vlog, but you may want to set up a background for a sit-down talking vlog. Check out our ideas and tips list below for background tips!

Step Four: Film!

Step Five: Editing time. For editing I personally use just plain ol’ Windows Movie Maker, because I can’t really seem to find a better free video editor. During the editing process, you can add music, titles, images, and more to your Vlog!

Step Six: Upload it to your channel. I use YouTube to upload my vlogs (and all my other videos too.) In the YouTube uploader, you can add a title, description, tags, and add the video to a playlist. Oh, and you can add custom thumbnails too. A thumbnail is the preview image for a video.

And that’s really it! So, now let’s get into those tips and ideas!

15 Vlogging Tips and Ideas


#1- If you’re nervous being on camera, take a few deep breaths before filming. Don’t worry if you need to repeat things or change what you say, you can always go back and edit later. If you’re really nervous, maybe try filming your first vlogs from behind the camera, rather than in front of it. Then later you can switch to vlogging from in front of the camera. (Here’s a secret- I get really nervous on camera, so I usually prepare a kind of basic script to keep me focused. I also wear lavender perfume to calm me down!)

#2- Not sure what to use for background music? YouTube has a library of royalty free music for use in videos! Just check out the “Creator Studio” or google “YouTube Audio Library”!

#3- Different video sharing platforms have different video specs. What I mean by this is say you’re filming for IGTV: you’d want to film a VERTICAL video using your phone. But for YouTube, HORIZONTAL video works better.

#4- For a background, you could use a plain solid color sheet and hang it up behind you. A somewhat plain wall is good too. For some fun, you could also hang string lights. Oh, and Dollar Tree and Party City sell “Photobooth Backgrounds” which could work just as well for a vlog background!

#5- When vlogging, try not to shake the camera around too much. If you can, try putting it on a tripod. If not, just try to brace your hands to prevent shaking.


You could vlog about…

#1- Your favorite TV show! Talk about your favorite character(s) and any fan theories you have. You could even show off any fan-art you’ve drawn.

#2- Your pets! Doing a pet vlog could be fun. You could introduce all your pets, or maybe show your pets doing fun tricks!

#3- A haul! Did you go shopping recently? Show off what you bought! You could even give shopping tips!

#4- A collection! What do you collect? Dolls, blind-boxes, candles, seashells…? You could vlog all about your collection!

#5- Fashion! There’s a lot you could do with this topic, including: look-books, shopping vlogs, clothing hauls, style breakdowns, and more!

#6- Travel! Do you travel a lot? Vlog the cool tourist destinations you find! People like to see the interesting new places in the world!

#7- Makeup! There’s quite a bit you could do with this topic. “Get Ready With Me” vlogs are popular, you could do makeup tutorials, makeovers, makeup reviews, and more!

#8- Food! You could vlog yourself cooking or baking, share recipes, or vlog about new restaurants!

#9- Toys! You could do toy shopping vlogs, toy reviews, play videos, and more!

#10- Life!! There’s a LOT to vlog about if you think about it. You could even do what I mentioned earlier, “a day in my life” style videos, or even morning/night routines and more! 

Thanks for reading! What do you think of these ideas, tips, and how-to vlog? Will you be trying out vlogging?

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