Decorating for Valentines Day! DIY Decor, Fun Finds, and Etsy store Shoutout!


Ciao lovelies! Valentine's Day is coming up and I'm very excited! It's hard not to love a holiday where things are all heart shaped, pink and red, and cutesy! So with this inspo in mind, while hubby was out the other day playing Warhammer, I started decorating our apartment with some Valentine's inspired things! Some of these were fun finds from places like dollar tree and popshelf, and some were simple DIYs! Let's go over the DIYs, fun finds, and more!

So for these DIY's, you'll need foam hearts, stickers, ribbon, patterned paper, staples and stapler, scissors, felt heart stickers, mini led battery powered string lights, and a little crafty magic. 

The first simple DIY Decor items are decorated hearts! Use your foam hearts and stickers to create cute designs, then hang them on the walls for quick and easy decor. I used heart shaped thumbtacks to hang mine to add even more lovey dovey goodness. 

Here's another version of the same diy, with a glitter foam heart and a simple, one sticker design. 

Another super quick diy is to cover your tissue box (or any other nearby object) in felt heart stickers. I got mine from dollar tree. This took me way longer than i expected but i like how it looks.

The last simple diy is this heart garland. To make this, i cut hearts from patterned paper, then stapled the hearts to the ribbon for a quick and cute garland.

Before we move on to the fun finds, I would like to shout out the Etsy Shop i got my patterned paper from.

Check out kawaiikustomsets on etsy! They have lots to pick from and great prices, and the sheets are adorable. Okay, on to the fun finds, I promise.

As promised, I also found tons of adorable things to decorate with:

So these adorable gel clings, wax seals, and string lights were all found at....drumroll.....Dollar Tree! I saw lots of other adorable Valentines day goodies at Popshelf though, so I wanted to give them a shout out :)

That's all for today, thank you for reading! If you're looking for more Valentines goodness, check out:

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Do you have any Valentine's Day plans? 

I think my hubby and I will be doing a date night where we get drunk on cheap margaritas and eat just appetizers and desserts at a random chain restaurant XD. We both think that would be hella fun.

Whatever you choose to do on Valentine's Day, make sure to be kind to yourself, take care of yourself, and LOVE YOURSELF! Because you are awesome just the way you are, and your worth is more than your relationship status! You deserve to have a nice day no matter what. Please take care of yourselves, I love you all soooo much!