5 Age Regression Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day Under $10

Ciao lovelies! Today’s post is for our age regressor readers or for anyone who has a friend or loved one who uses the age regression coping skill! Since Valentine’s day is this Friday, here are 5 Age Regression Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day under $10!!

These gifts can all be made/purchased for less than $10 or exactly $10! If you make any of these DIY gifts or use any of these ideas, please tag us on Instagram (@onlyfunthingsblog) or use #OFTreaders so we can give you a shoutout! (Though it’s not necessary! If you want to make these DIY’s you don’t need to credit us! We just want to provide fun ideas for entertainment!)

IDEA #1- DIY Coloring Book!

Materials needed for Method 1:

-Internet access, computer + printer
-Stapler OR hole punch and binder rings
-Construction paper or cardstock

Method 1:

Step One: Print different coloring sheets off the internet. You might choose to do like 5, or an even bigger book like 20.
Step Two: Use Cardstock or Construction Paper to design a cute cover. You can customize this with their name!
Step Three: Staple together your pages and cover OR punch holes in all the pages and cover, then connect with binder rings.

At a loss for where to find coloring pages? Here are two OFT specific designs:

You can also Google “coloring pages” and you can even search for specific characters/franchises.

Materials needed for Method 2:

-Stapler OR hole punch and binder rings
-Cardstock or Construction paper

Method 2:

Step One: Draw using a pen or sharpie the line art of each page. You can draw anything, like the age regressor’s favorite animal, story, or character!
Step Two: Use Cardstock or Construction Paper to design a cute cover. You can customize this with their name!
Step Three: Staple together your pages and cover OR punch holes in all the pages and cover, then connect with binder rings.


-Paper: standard computer paper can be found: 500 sheets for about $3 at Walmart. OR You could also buy a kid’s basic drawing pad for $2 if you’re drawing. the pages by hand.
-Construction Paper: Crayola 96 sheet construction paper can be found for $2 at Walmart.
-Stapler/Staples: Can both be found for $1 at Dollar Tree.
-Binder Rings: Can be found for $1 per 3 pack at Walmart.
-Hole Punch: a single hole punch can be found for $1 at Walmart.

METHOD 1, Binder Rings or Staples TOTAL: $7
METHOD 2, Binder Rings or Staples TOTAL: $6

Either method is less than $10!

IDEA #2: DIY Dress-Up Kit!

This idea is so cute, I so badly want to make myself one!


Go to the Dollar Tree/Dollar Store and go to their toy/kid section! Give yourself about a $6 budget (at Dollar Tree, this means you can get 6 things, just be aware of the tax!) Dollar Tree has dress up supplies like masquerade masks sometimes, beaded necklaces, fairy wings, tiaras, prop weapons, etc! All stuff perfect for an age regressor’s dress up kit! Pick 6 things you think they would like to use for dress up games. Get a box (Dollar tree has plain white cardboard boxes!) and some decorations for the box. Decorate the box and fill it with the dress up supplies, and there you go, you’ve made a dress-up kit for age regression!


Dress up items: $6
Box: $1
Décor: $2


IDEA #3: Adopt-a-Stuffie!

When I first got my beloved stuffie, Yuki :)

This is another completely adorable idea, that I have done with a friend! (Minus the adoption certificate)


Step One: Print out an “adoption” certificate like this one:

Step Two: Visit a thrift store like Goodwill with the age regressor. Let them pick a stuffie of their choice to “adopt!”

Step Three: Buy the stuffie for them! Then visit your local Dollar Tree…

Step Four: Have the age regressor pick out some accessories for their new fluffy friend! You can find pet collars at Dollar Tree (perfect for a new pet stuffie!), you can find beaded necklaces, etc. The budget for this part is up to you. I’d probably set it at like $5. Then, buy the accessories!

Step Five: Lastly, bring the stuffie home and have the age regressor fill out the adoption certificate! Congrats on the new stuffie friend 😊


Stuffie: $1
Accessories: Up to you, for the purpose of this I’ll say $5.
Possibly buying stickers to put on the adoption certificate 😊: $1


IDEA #4: Sweets Basket!

This idea is kind of traditional for Valentine’s but it’s also customizable for your Age Regressor friend/loved one!


Yep, you guessed it, we are venturing to Dollar Tree again! Get a decorated gift box from Dollar Tree and then, it’s time to visit the beloved aisle of every age regressor…the candy aisle!
Pick out the candies you think they’ll like best! The budget on this is up to you, you could keep it under $10 or go completely all-out.
And that’s pretty much it! You could also hand-make a card to put in the box with all the candy.


Box: $1
Candy: $5-9

TOTAL: $6-10

IDEA #5: DIY Plushie!!!

Okay, this one takes a little bit of sewing knowledge.

Materials Needed:

-Felt in your desired plushie color
-Buttons in your desired plushie eye color
-Sewing Needle


Step One: Draw the shape of your plushie on the felt, and cut out two.

Step Two: Sew the button eyes and any facial features on one of the cutouts.

Step Three: Sew the cutouts together around the edges and leave a gap open.

Step Four: Stuff the plushie,  then sew up the gap.

Now you have a plushie!

I’ve made two plushies this way:

These would make really cute gifts!


Felt: $0.50 per piece at Walmart (So you’d need $1 worth of felt).
Buttons: $1 per pack at Walmart
Thread: $1 for a sewing kit including thread and sewing needle.
Sewing Needle: Included above.
Stuffing: $4 for Bag of stuffing at Walmart.

What do you think of these ideas? I personally love all of them :)

Happy Soon-to-be-Valentine’s Day!

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  1. I love the DIY plushies!! ^_^ for those who prefer knitting to sewing, I made these really cute knit bunnies before https://www.studioknitsf.com/how-to-knit-a-bunny-from-a-square-for-easter/ I’m a novice at knitting but it was pretty easy. If you don't already own knitting needles it might total to over 10$ though.

    1. Oh that tutorial is super cute!! Thanks for sharing!! :) And Happy Valentine's Day! :)


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