Sonic Boom inspired Animal Crossing New Horizons Outfits!

Ciao lovelies! It’s been a while since my last Animal Crossing New Horizons Outfits post, so in today’s post, I’ll be sharing some outfits I made in ACNH for my character that are inspired by Sonic Boom characters!

I’ve been diving into some Sonic fandom stuff lately and my choice in regression media has definitely reflected that. For older kiddo-me, I’ve been cracking up to the Snapcube Sonic Fandubs *Swearing + Mature themes/content, viewer discretion advised please!*. For days where I’m a lot more smol, I am really enjoying the Sonic Boom tv series. I bought the first season on YouTube and I watch it when I agere-journal! Sticks is my ultimate fave (I’m a little biased, she reminds me of characters like Vanellope von Schweetz, a kind-of “tough, kick-butt” femme character with a lot of humor and spunk). 

These outfits are *inspired by* each character, so most do not reflect the aesthetics exactly. Think of these less as “cosplays” and more of “themed outfits” I suppose. Uh, like Disney-bounding, but ACNH. Essentially, LOL!

Like my Encanto and Camp Cretaceous outfits, I made each of these looks with only items I already had in my ACNH wardrobe, for a challenge!

Let’s dive in!


I have two faves in this outfit series, and Sonic’s is one of those faves. I like how the short visual-kei wig gives my character a ruffled and slightly mischievous look, as I think a human-sonic would be. The lil aviator shades are a nod to the recent movies (aviators for Donut Lord!). Naturally, I picked blue as the main color in this look, and chose a cool-but-practical zip up blue jacket as the top. Keeping things casual, I paired that with some black pants, ankle socks, and of course, some iconic red sneakers.

Next up, we have everyone’s fave mechanic:


I knew I wanted to use the circle glasses for a cute nod to Tails’ goggles, from there, I decided to make the Tails inspired look a “cute outdoorsy” type of look. The yellow bow in my character’s hair and the yellow tank top were chosen based on Tails’ yellow fur. The explorer shorts and shoes happened to have the same green tone which I thought nicely complimented the overall look. The orange socks are a small attempt by me to not entirely drop the red-shoes concept, but work it into this look more subtly. Overall, I knew I wanted the outfit inspired by Tails to be cute but still look very practical and look believable for someone like Tails who can build just about anything.

Moving forward, let’s take a peek at a character who likes Sonic very very much (maybe too much!):


For the outfit inspired by Amy, I wanted to show the cutesy inspired side of her. I didn’t want to lose her standout pink color, especially with everyone else’s colors being included somewhere in their outfit, but I wasn’t exactly sure the aesthetic to chose for her. I thought a cutesy look might help show her sweet side, and I also possibly thought that keeping this look very “femme” would stay close to her character design’s feeling. If I had to pick a least favorite for the outfits today, this is my least favorite. Yeah, I’m glad it’s her pink, but it feels like it doesn’t quite match the character. 

Continuing along towards my favorite character now:


So I knew right away that I wanted Sticks’ outfit to be very natural shades, greens and possibly browns. She has a more nature-inspired look, and I like how that is on her character, so I tried to embody that feeling here. I picked the mom’s apron top because the green with the animals was cute and also made me think about what casual outfits for a character like this would look like. For this look, I imagine Sticks would be dressed in it and heading out, someone (probably Amy) would assume it was a gardening look, and would ask Sticks where she was going and Sticks would reveal that yes, she’s going to a garden- to dig up suspicious plants and check them for bugs (microphones) or wires. XD

Moving on, let’s see the outfit inspired by everyone’s fave “just because i’m a meathead doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist”:


For the Knuckles inspired outfit, I wanted something that looked cool and tough, and also practical and stylish. I definitely started building this outfit when I found the top, it’s a top I was originally going to use for a Jotaro Kujo outfit, (I still might), but I thought the red would be nice for Knuckles. The bandages on the character’s face, I also used in the Sonic outfit, so I thought it would be a fun call-back. I thought a baseball cap would look nice too, so I added a black one. I like the sassy side-eye pose my character made in this screenshot too, lol!

Lastly, the evil doctor…


Okay, to be honest I didn’t plan to make an Eggman outfit originally, but then I got this Folk dance outfit from one of my villagers and it was PERFECT. Adding some round shades (though now I may recommend the tiny shades!), red work boots, a red bow, and striking a sassy smirk pose, the outfit is now- complete!

What did you think of these Sonic Boom inspired outfits? What show, movie, video game (etc) would you want to see outfits for next? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading, and please remember to STAY AWESOME, and love yourself, and I’ll see you next time!