Disney’s Encanto Inspired Animal Crossing Outfits!

Ciao lovelies! As many of you, I have become totally smitten by Disney’s latest musical, Encanto! I may have listened to the soundtrack like a billion times, and watched the movie like 7 times! The character designs are truly awe inspiring, the depth of each character and their own struggles is expertly done, and I love how each character's own experiences play into the overall family dynamic. Seeing how much you all liked the last ACNH outfits post I did, I was very inspired to make some outfits based on the characters from Encanto! (Warning: This post has spoilers technically, so if you haven’t watched it yet, be aware of that!

If you saw my last ACNH Outfits Post, about Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, you’ll know why I don’t feel comfortable changing my character’s skin tone to match characters, but for those of you who haven’t seen that post: 

I did change my character’s eye and hair color, and style, for each outfit to match the Encanto character which inspired the outfit. These characters are people of color, and I didn’t feel comfortable changing my ACNH character to match skin tones because that feels appropriative and insensitive, so if you are wondering about that, that’s why. I don’t want to create insensitive or culturally appropriative content, so I felt this choice would help to avoid that. (Though please comment if you have any thoughts on that, I am happy to listen!)

So I started this with the three original siblings, and their spouses, then moved to making the grandkids. Welcome to the family Madrigal!

Let’s start with some sunshine in the form of ….. Pepa Madrigal !

So her hairstyle was an easy choice, I wanted it to look close to her character within the movie. Styling Pepa’s outfit was a little tricky with the items I had in my wardrobe in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but that’s part of the fun of this type of post, is making what I have work for these outfits. 

To begin, I wanted to use clothing with her signature color palette of Yellows! I chose a two piece outfit including a yellow coat with a cute bow detail, which reminded me of her frilly top of her dress in the movie. 

With the rest of the outfit, I wanted to make sure it was a versatile look that could be adapted to wear in many different types of weather, in case there’s unexpected hurricanes, blizzards… whatever mood Pepa feels that day! 

To achieve that idea, I chose practical footwear in the form of sneakers, stockings to provide warmth to the legs, and a cute green and yellow skirt (which will 10000% be repeated in other outfits). To tie in the green on the shoes and skirt, I added the flower clip detail.

I wanted to capture a youthful and unconstrained type of look for Pepa, to reflect her as she is at the end of the movie, free to express her emotions and let any kind of weather free. It was a lovely surprise that the pose she made was a big smile, and it made me happy to see it. 

Next up, the warm hearted healer, Julieta Madrigal!

Julieta’s outfit idea had begun in my head before I had even changed the hair and eyes on my character. I knew I wanted her to have an apron, like in the movie, but I didn’t have a blue one to be fully accurate. However, I did have the “Mom’s Apron” clothing item and it worked perfectly. I like to pretend that the “M” here is for “Madrigal.” 

Next, I began adding blues into her look, to align with her outfit in the movie. I gave her white stockings and brown boots, plus a crossbody bag, which I imagine she carries her famous arepas in as she heads to town to help the injured.

I love how warm and sweet this outfit turned out. 

Moving forward, we have the mystery man himself… Bruno Madrigal!

Now, Bruno’s outfit definitely falls more on the side of “inspired by” and less movie-accurate. I imagined this outfit to capture Bruno’s eccentric side, and I also imagined that he would have a professor-esque vibe to him. Though, I still kept his sandals, and tried to retain the dark green notes in his attire. 

The cream turtleneck and flowery pants gave me the feeling of the softer side of Bruno underneath the misunderstood exterior. While some see him as scary, he’s actually a kind soul who is just a little socially outcast. 

Why the bag? Oh, simple. I imagine he carries around some of the rats in it. “Seven foot frame…rats along his back…” (Still cracks me up that Camilo sings this whole thing about Bruno being tall and scary…. Bruno is legit 5’4”... LOL)

Continuing with the adults of the family, we have the well-meaning but accident prone Agustín Madrigal !

Crafting Agustín’s outfit was incredibly fun, and honestly one of the easiest outfits to make. I knew I wanted to give him the bandages, because *accident prone*. That was an easy choice, and the rest closely mimics his outfit from the movie. I did end up changing the hairstyle later, and wouldn’t you know it, I got stung by wasps.

Speaking of husbands, this next outfit is inspired by Félix Madrigal!

His outfit fell very much into “inspired-by,” rather than movie accurate. It was super hard for me to make an outfit for him with what I had in my Animal Crossing wardrobe, to be honest! I struggled for a while and landed on this look. I am not super thrilled with it, and I honestly think it could be so much better…

I wanted his Animal Crossing look to complement Pepa’s, so I included the same skirt, and socks with the same color accents. As for the other outfit choices, I went with what felt right at the time, but honestly I think the vibes here are off, and I think my ACNH character agrees, given the frown in the screenshot… LOL

You know what? I think it's time for a grandkid round up!

Let’s start with the lovely Dolores Madrigal!

I wanted Dolores’ outfit to be both practical and soft. She has gentle, feminine vibes, but by the end of the movie, isn’t afraid to go after who she truly wants to be with. I used a lot of red accents, as her outfit stands out for it’s beautiful red tones. 

Fun addition to her outfit: I gave Dolores’ outfit some rain boots, I imagine living with Pepa can cause flooding at any given time, LOL! 

Next, let’s see the outfit inspired by the shapeshifting Madrigal, Camilo!

So I tried to make Camilo’s inspired outfit a reflection of not only a mix of his parent’s inspired outfits, but also as close to his movie outfit as possible. While not my favorite outfit, I feel that it is pretty cute, and at the very least, it does capture the mix of Pepa and Félix that I was hoping for. 

I heard that someone gets their gift today? And that would be… Antonio Madrigal!

Antonio’s inspired ACNH outfit was centered around capturing a simple, comfortable, youthful vibe. I would think that Antonio would go for practical clothing to allow him easier movement when playing with his animal friends. I also just love the expression the character made in the screenshot. It reminds me of the scene where he hands Bruno the stuffed leopard “For the nerves.”

Continuing with the grandkids, let’s check out the outfit based on “senorita perfecta” Isabela Madrigal!

Making Isabela’s outfit was very very fun! I wanted to reflect the end of the movie version of Isabela, who is free to express herself in any way she wants, and can be free to be imperfect! I added darker colors, as her outfit at the end is very alternative in terms of color palette. I also gave Isa the shorter hair style, as I kind of headcanon her cutting her hair short after the events of the movie.

Essentially I wanted her outfit to capture the spirit of one line in particular…

“What could I do if I just knew it didn’t need to be perfect? It just needs to be? And they let me be?”

So, basically this outfit is modeled around my headcanon of like….AU punk/alt Isabela.

“The beauty and the brawn, do no wrong…”

Let’s go to the strength side of the trio of Madrigal sisters, Luisa Madrigal!

I wanted Luisa’s outfit to reflect her femininity and grace. Despite being the “tough” character, Luisa is still very feminine and graceful in her movements, as we see in her song “Surface Pressure.” I was really happy to see a kids movie allow a protagonist to be both feminine and strong. It’s amazing, and I absolutely LOVE Luisa. She is probably close to my favorite character, if not my top fave. 

Her outfit is loosely based on the color palette from her movie outfit, as well. 

And lastly, but not least…. Mirabel Madrigal!

This outfit was very inspired by Mirabel’s personality, and isn’t really reflective of her outfit in the movie. Instead, I chose to highlight the green tones in her look, kept her circular glasses, and dressed her in a practical yet novel outfit that I would expect to see on a detective or something. To capture her fun-nature, I gave a pop of contrast with her pink shoes, and of course, gave her a crossbody bag to carry Bruno’s visions- I mean, carry decorations- around Casita!

Making these outfits was super fun and I had an awesome time piecing each one together! Do you like these ACNH outfit posts? I am definitely interested in making more of these going forward, so let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them!

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