Kawaii Room Decor Ideas + Tips to Make Your Room AWESOME!

Ciao lovelies! I’m moving soon, as my cg and me are moving in together >u< !! So I decided to share some kawaii room decorating ideas and tips using pics of my room’s current and past set-ups! Kawaii things always make me smile, and I love adding that extra cute touch to a room, art piece, outfit, etc! If you’re looking for some room decor diys, check out the Round Up post on that, or browse our DIY label for other ideas~ This post is just some ideas and tips I’ve come across while decorating my room(s)! :) Let’s go!

IDEA #1: a Kawaii Theme area to get ready each day!

There are many ways to create a space in your room to get dressed, do makeup, hair, etc! Personally, I have a full length mirror that I put a mini-table in front of. On the mini-table, I have a heart shaped 2-tier tray to hold my perfumes. I also have my Kandi holder which I made from old packaging, and my makeup brushes in a Monster High pail from Party City. My last and favorite little detail on my makeup-station is my Kuromi mirror, which my Mom got me from Japan when she went there for work. I like the idea of having a big mirror and a smaller, portable one, because sometimes I prefer to do my makeup on my bed and I can just carry the mirror with me.

Luna’s Kawaii Decor Tip: Cute makeup and perfumes can totally be part of your decor! I have a few really cute little perfume bottles from like Five Below and they make for some totally adorable decor!

IDEA #2: don’t be afraid to use your Accessories as Kawaii Decor!

One of the best parts about kawaii accessories is that they can double as cute room decor! Why not pull out your accessories box and select some cute bows or headbands to have the spotlight? I recently got this hair accessories thing on Amazon that I love, but you could honestly DIY one super easily. 

Luna’s Kawaii Decor Tip: Finding or making ways to both organize and display stuff is a total win, it helps you keep your room clean AND cute!

IDEA #3: Cutie Cushions!

A fun detail for a kawaii room- a cute cushion! You could get a cushion for a chair in your room, or for use when sitting on the floor! You can also get adorable pillows with fun designs to add some plush goodness to your cozy corner~! 

Luna’s Kawaii Decor Tip: If you collect TONS of stuffies like me, your smaller stuffies can be stored in Zip-Up decorative pillowcases! I use this method to store webkinz and other small plushies, to everyone else these look like decor but I know the secret friends within! XD

IDEA #4: Flex those DIY muscles, as my ACNH buddy Tank would say!

Sometimes you just can’t find the right accent your room needs, or worse, you find it WAYYYY out of your price range, yikes. That’s where a little craftiness and many hot glue sticks come in handy! It’s no secret I’m a BIG fan of craft projects. ( I like to add my own personal touch to a lot of things in my life ^-^ ). My example photos are two projects I made for my room, both were fairly simple to make! I also have a video tutorial on OFT YouTube for the desk organizer:

Luna’s Kawaii Decor Tip: Recycled cardboard is always good to have on hand! You can make many many things from it, and if you buy things online, you probably have lots of amazon boxes laying around XD (I totally do). So this both solves that issue and gives you cute decor!!

IDEA #5: Your Tech doesn’t have to be Boring!

This is one of the larger upgrades to room or home décor, so it’s mentioned last on this list due to the expense of things like this. But I do want to mention the importance of how, once again, even small changes can make a big and very cute difference. For the examples photos, I chose an example on the more expensive side, an RGB keyboard, and a slightly more affordable one, a Hello Kitty alarm clock! Upgrading to aesthetic tech like this may require saving up funds, and is probably the least or lowest priority (in my opinion). I personally just like my tech to be useful, and aesthetics can come later. But when I do need to buy a tech item, I do try to find one in a color or design I like. 

Luna’s Kawaii Decor Tip: Discount stores like TJMaxx, Big Lots, Ollies, etc, have good deals on cute tech like this that may just be like “last season.” That is where I got my Hello Kitty clock from, it's a clock and bluetooth speaker combo. It was hidden behind some stuff on the toy shelf section, so always be sure to look carefully when you’re shopping!


Not every one of my ideas made the cut for this list, but I’ve included some of the other pics as inspo for those of you out there who may be redecorating! :)

Thank you so much for reading! If you made it here, comment below your favorite piece of decor in your room! I think mine is my collector item shelf, it just makes me so happy to see it.

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Now for the most important part (and my absolute FAVE!).... STAY AWESOME!!!! You are awesomeness 90000000% so don’t forget to stay that way and love yourself! 

Thanks again for reading, and I’ll see you in my next post, video, or whatever comes next!


  1. Eeeee so cute!! Am so glad ur still posting!

  2. I'm sorry to say I have been neglecting my internet duties, and have not checked your blog in a long time. I'm so glad to see that you are still posting here!

    Storing stuffies in a pillowcase is a great idea. My only concern is that wouldn't the pillow get kind of lumpy/misshapen? My stuffie collection varies so much in shape and size...

    I guess my favorite decor in my room at the moment is this little succulent arrangement I got the other day from Trader Joe's. I feel like plants add so much warmth and life to a room. I hope to get even more plants, let's just hope I can take care of them properly ;-;

    1. Oh I love succulents! They're very cute and I love how different they all can look!

      As far as the question about the pillow from plushies, yea it can get misshapen, I find using decorative pillowcases with patterns helps to distract from any lumps or weird shaping, also adding some spare blankets/throw blankets can help too! :)

  3. I just wanted to say... meow. and also this helped a lot ty sm!!!<33


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