Royally Practical Financial Tips – Royals Lessons!

Ciao Royals! Today’s post is about how to get royal things on a normal budget! This post includes- methods, online shopping tips, tips to get funds, etc! (This is technically part 2 of THIS post and part 2 of our Luxury on a Budget Series)

Modern day Royals often aren’t born into a fortune to buy the things that their hearts desire. Modern day royals must learn to budget, be thrifty, and search for the best deals in order to amass cute and royal things, clothing, accessories, décor, etc.


Thrift Shopping
Thrift shopping is an inexpensive way to expand your wardrobe or even tea cup/shot glass/etc collections. You can even find royal-esque clothing, fabric, and sometimes even antiques.
For tips on thrifting, check THIS post!

Sometimes you must make things yourself in order to get things you will like. Many modern day royals sew, embroider, paint, sculpt, etc, to make things they desire. If sewing isn’t your strong suit, you can still make jewelry, or work with decoden.

Secondhand Sales
Similar to thrift shopping, except online. For EGL fashionistas, Lacemarket is one of the go-to sites for secondhand shopping. For other styles, check Ebay!


So, some tips for shopping online and getting the best deals…

-     Control Impulse Buying. The urge to impulse buy is higher online. But reign in your enthusiasm and ask yourself these questions:
1.       Can I make it myself? If you can, then you don’t need it.
2.       Can I get a better deal elsewhere? Shop around. Chances are you can find an item cheaper somewhere else.
3.       Can I combine this item with items I already have? (This is for clothing items). Unless you’re embarking into a new fashion style, chances are you will want any clothing items you buy to match something in your current wardrobe.
4.       Do I have the funds? Don’t spend money you don’t have! 

-   Make Large Orders. Especially when buying from overseas, shipping can be costly. Try to buy large orders so the shipping is for the combination of items versus several small orders plus shipping for each. For example, say air mail shipping is fixed at $10 per order. If you buy several small orders, that ten dollars is repeated however many orders you make. But if you combine the orders into one, you pay shipping only once.

-          Learn Currency Conversions, or at least be vaguely familiar with them so you aren’t thrown for a loop. Americans, for example, should know that 1000 yen is close to 10 USD, (of course double check this online as it can fluctuate). 

-          Always Check Your Measurements. Double Check. Triple Check. Nothing is worse than getting an item that doesn’t fit.


The largest problem with being a modern royal is arguably- “How do I fund myself?” Modern royals are not born into fortunes like old European monarchs once were. So how do we make our money? Ask yourself some questions first, like…

1. Can I make something? Consider your skills. Can you make something people will want to buy? Can you sew cute bows, or make nice jewelry? Can you do art commissions? Write lyrics? Heck, in this day and age, can you make awesome YouTube Videos or do epic livestreams? This question is the most important. Assess your skills. What do you have to offer?
2.       What appeals to you? I’m sure you all have heard the phrase “When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.” Don’t get a job you won’t like, or you’ll feel more miserable than ever. If you get a job doing something you love, you will enjoy the work a lot more and it won’t really feel like work.
3.       What am I willing to do? Are you willing to work retail? Customer service? Food industry? Whatever you are willing to do, you should try to do.

At the end of the day, a modern royal simply can’t afford to spend like the royals of the past. But with a little thriftiness, and some hard work and saving, modern royals can have little luxuries of our own.
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed learning some royally practical financial tips! If you liked this post you may also like Luxury on a Budget Part 1 and How to Handle Money like a Royal

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