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Ciao lovelies! Looking through the older posts of the blog recently, I noticed an interesting post type that I used to write each month. At the beginning, I called them “Monthly Bucket Lists,” then shifted the name to “MAPs” or “Monthly Achievement Plans.” Now obviously the term MAP these days online has shifted use into something sinister and disgusting, so I’m DEFINITELY NOT keeping that name. (Also, can we just acknowledge the poor animation community online who used to use the MAP term as “Multi-Animator Project”? I feel so bad for them, and I’ll possibly write a full post on that soon, as I’ve gotten kind of an inside look at this from my bestie who is fond of the warriors community and the animators who create music videos for that fandom, so I feel that writing on that should be an entirely separate post- more on this later in a future post). Anyway, I did like the way in which I formatted those type of posts in the past. I know they can definitely be improved on, however I can’t help but love the idea I had for it, to hold myself accountable for some monthly goals and track my progress, and hopefully even help motivate some of you lovelies!

With this in mind, I decided to start this series again, and I’m happy to be starting this series in July because it will be my first full month in my new apartment! So much in my life has changed for the better in only one year, and I want to keep that energy flowing. So let’s chat about this series going forward- MOON Missions + Reports! 

What did OFT’s monthly goals posts used to look like?

  • Previously, the monthly goals posts were split into two or more parts- the initial list of goals and the month in review post(s).
  • The initial list of goals was usually formatted as a graphic that I would design two of, one filled out with my goals for the month, and one blank for you lovelies if you so chose to use it. 
  • The initial goals post would be short and not hold a lot of detail, as it was mainly centered around the graphic designed list. 
  • The month in review posts were more in-depth. Originally, I started by making multiple posts at the end of each month, reviewing not only if I had achieved my goals, but also doing monthly wrap-ups of fashion posts, comments, etc. I think I did this for one month before realizing that it was less efficient this way and only increased the quantity of posts and really cut out the quality.
  • Later in the series I decided to make one concise review post each month, in which I would discuss if I met my goals, link to any relevant posts that connected to last month’s goals, and discuss things in detail regarding how I went about completing my goals. These had sections for me to discuss what I did well that month, what I did poorly, and what I could improve on. 

What aspects of the old goals posts will be brought into the new ones?

  • The new monthly goals posts will be retaining a two-part format. One post at the beginning of the month, called the MOON Mission, and one at the end, called the MOON Report.
  • I will still be creating a graphic image of my goals list each month, and will still be providing a blank copy for those interested.  

Introducing- MOON Missions + Reports!

1. MOON Acronym

  • It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of space themes and imagery. My blogging name is Lunaria L Moon, and I’m actually finishing the process of legally changing my name in August to Luna, so I’m sure it’s super obvious why I love that this series can be space-themed. 
  • So what exactly does MOON stand for in this case?
    • Monthly
    • Objectives
    • Observations &
    • Notes
  • The series itself is heavily tied to space imagery. While not necessarily including actual pictures or images of space, or celestial objects, the overall theme of the series is based around space-adventures. 
  • To explain this further, let’s break down the two post types I’ll be making each month, and I can further explain how each ties into the space-adventure theme. 

2. MOON Missions

  • Each month will begin with MOON Mission posts. These posts are the updated version of my initial goals list posts in the previous monthly goals series. 
  • Similar to a sci-fi adventure movie or show, the fun idea behind these is that I’ll be assigning myself these goals for the month as a “Mission.” 
  • These posts will include a graphic designed list of goals and a written text version with further explanation of why I chose each goal. 
  • I may also discuss how I will measure the goals, if measurement/tracking is applicable to the goals. 
  • Like the previous series, I’ll be including a blank list graphic for those who want to use it. 
  • To follow-up on these posts, each month will conclude with a MOON Report post. 

3. MOON Reports

  • Each month will end with a MOON Report post to follow-up and discuss my monthly “MOON Mission.”
  • For the MOON Reports, I will be sharing if I succeeded or failed at my goals, what steps I took for them, what measurements I may have tracked, and my overall observations, as well as my concluding thoughts that month.
  • Following the sci-fi mission theme, these posts act as my post-mission briefing type report, almost like a captain’s log entry in Star Trek or something. 
  • I will be discussing all of the MOON Mission goals of that month in each MOON Report, not breaking them into separate posts. 
  • Now that I’ve explained everything, let’s get into July’s MOON Mission!

July’s MOON Mission:

  1. My first objective is that I would like to get dressed in fun outfits more often this month. As I have been working from home, I have a tendency to stay in my PJs all day. This messes with my perception of time and energy levels, so I want to make a conscious effort to wear something I like, even if I’m not going out that day.
  2. My second objective is to increase the amount of creative tasks I do each week. Whether this means journaling more, doing more photography, etc., I’d like to consciously make more time for my creative side. 
  3. My third objective is to put more focus into healthy living. I no longer live with my parents, so I know that it’s on me to make the choices to be healthy. For this month, I’m starting by drinking more water and eating more fruit.
  4. My fourth objective is to go on at least one adventure, if not more. In the past, I used to put “go on an adventure” on pretty much all of my monthly goal lists. I just really like being able to find adventure everywhere and it makes me really feel excited for daily things.
  5. My fifth objective is to release two more blog posts this month and hopefully 3 YouTube videos. I’ve really dropped the ball on this, and I want to get back into my favorite hobby!

Those are my objectives for July’s MOON Mission! If you’d like to use the graphic too, I’ve included a blank copy below.


Thank you so much for reading! What are your July goals/objectives? If you feel comfortable, let me know what your goals this month are in the comments! 

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Thanks again for reading, remember to stay awesome, love yourself, and I'll see you in my next post!


  1. Love this idea and love the space theme! I'm a big fan of space themes too. Have you heard of the Kpop group LOONA? Like the name suggests, they have a lot of space/celestial concepts. I particularly recommend their song "Star"! Sorry I'm kind of obsessed with them lol and your name always reminds me of them!

    I think those are all really good goals. I could get on board with all of those myself (minus the Youtube videos). I guess these are my main goals for now:

    1. Going for a run at least 2x a week. The thing that's really holding me back is how hot and humid it is right now. I'll probably have to wake up extra early to beat the heat.

    2. Continuing geocaching (google geocaching if you haven't heard of it, it's a super fun and free outdoors activity!) In particular I'm trying to reach 300 points on the Science of Discovery Challenge by July 11.

    3. Cook more of my own meals. I was living with my parents for most of the past year and got very spoiled with them cooking and ordering food for me. I recently moved out again so need to get back in the habit of regularly cooking.

    1. That Kpop group sounds super cool, I definitely need to check them out! Your goals are very awesome! The geocaching goal is very intriguing to me. I heard of geocaching before, in passing, but I should look further into it. I like any kind of activity that's adventure-based, like urbex and such too. ^-^

  2. If you like adventuring and exploring I really think you'd like geocaching! It's kind of like a worldwide treasure-hunt! Sometimes it'll just be a tiny container with a slip of paper to sign, but other times they are larger and actually have little toys and trinkets inside! It's really fun and it's let me discover a lot of places I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

    1. That sounds really exciting and fun! Do you have any website/forum suggestions for geocaching for beginners to find these things in their area?

  3. Download the official Geocaching app, it has a GPS map and will show you the caches in your area!

  4. I love this idea!!! :D so creative and fun, love the name and the idea of missions! Cant wait for more! A goal for me is to stay more in the moment:)

    1. That is a great goal! Thank you for this very kind comment! ^-^


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