February- Monthly "Bucket List"

Ciao lovelies! I decided to do a new series! At the beginning of every month, I will post a monthly "Bucket List" of things I want to accomplish, do, make, or get during that month! And at the end of the month, I'll post the follow up, updating you all on whether I achieved my list or not!
  So here is the list for February!
What are your goals for the month? 
Here is a blank copy for you to use to write down your monthly goals!
Time to start working on these goals!


  1. Black text on the background can be hard to read. Try to have better contrast. Also, I agree that a monthly bucket list is an odd way to phrase things. Generally, bucket lists are used to cross off tasks that one aims to complete before dying.

  2. I'm not sure what program you used for the list, but if you're able to just put a thin white outline around the text, you can keep the color the same.

    Is where you go to college somewhere with lots of pretty places to go on an adventure or find an inspiring place? Lucky!

    1. Oh I could try that. That's a great idea! Thank you! ^-^
      And yeah, I find my campus quite pretty, and the surrounding area is very historical. Plus the cities nearby like Harrisonburg have pretty places (I may go to a nice park this weekend!)
      I think adventure places are totally relative, even a conventionally "normal" place can be an adventure place ^-^

  3. This is a great idea!


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