March MAP

Ciao lovelies! To start off the month, let's plan what we want to accomplish this month!
This series used to be called "Monthly Bucket List," but that title was deemed offensive. So now, this series is called "Monthly Achievement Plans!" or "MAP" for short!
Just like last month, I'll show you the MAP of what I want to do/achieve this month, and will provide a blank copy. At the end of the month, the MIR-Overview post of the month will go over how much I was able to achieve!
Here is my March MAP!
I want to improve blog quality in things like posts, images, content, etc! I also want to make more videos, try new hairstyles, and make some planner DIY's for you guys! 

Here is a clean copy:
Link me to your March MAP if you make one! I'd love to see your goals! Let's accomplish our goals together!