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Ciao lovelies! Recently I’ve been finding joy in returning to my Princess Lifestyle! Which is kind of like Quaintrelle, but more royal themed. So, I wanted to make a new list of 20 Princess/Royal Themed Ideas! These ideas range from lifestyle ideas, writing prompts, video prompts, challenges, DIY ideas, beauty ideas, and more! All of these ideas are safe to do at home, and will hopefully make staying safe at home a little easier. (PS, there's a special secret surprise message at the end of this post!)

Let’s now get into this list, fellow Royals!

1.       Every Royal needs a Crown! Make yourself a crown, or maybe buy one. Or even turn a headband into a crown! You could even make yourself a more “subtle” and “undercover” crown by making a small crown hair pin or hair clip.

2.       On that note, why not go the extra nine yards and make a scepter? You could make yours look like a magic wand, or a traditional scepter, or even a magical girl item!

3.       Give yourself a royal spa day! Relax into a bath filled with bubbles and bath fizzes, or maybe bath salts, or maybe even use traditional beauty remedies. You could even use a face mask or a body scrub! Not to mention, be sure to moisturize your face! ^-^

4.       Write about your kingdom. What is it called? Who lives there with you? What are the people like? What is the terrain and the climate like? What is your currency? What languages are spoken there? What is the pop-culture like?

5.       Write about what it means to you to be a royal! What values should one have? What duties? How should one behave? (Looking for inspiration on this prompt? Check out OFT’s Royal Lessons!)

6.       Make a short look-book video of all your favorite Princess/Royal outfits! You can even center them around a theme like the season, colors, motifs, or more! If you’re camera-shy, make a capsule-wardrobe or mood board that reflects your royal style!

7.       Challenge yourself to cook or bake something new today! You could try out a traditional recipe or make up something new!

8.       Write about a historical figure that you look up to. What lessons can you learn from them? What do you admire most about them? Why are they important to you?

9.       Write about a celebrity or internet celebrity that you admire. What content do they create? What about them is so inspiring to you? Why do you admire them? What attributes do they portray that you look up to?

10.   Draw yourself in a royal self-portrait! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Think about how you view yourself (positively, I hope!). What aspects of yourself do you want to convey in this portrait? You could convey personality through what activity you’re doing in the drawing, or even through items your drawn self is holding!

11.   On that note, write about YOU! What activities do you like? What is your favorite thing about your personality? What causes are you passionate about? What attributes make you who you are? Self-exploration can help you lead yourself to a more self-aware and self-loving state!

12.   Take some time to learn about etiquette and write about something you learned. Why is it so important? What aspect of what you learned is relevant to the modern etiquette world? What aspects of what you learned might be outdated? When would you use the things you learned?

13.   Lucky 13 šŸ˜Š Writing Prompt! What superstitions do you have, or what traditions do you uphold? Why are these important to you? What founded these beliefs?

14.   On that note, another writing prompt: take time to learn about a historical tradition of your choice. How was this tradition upheld in the past? Has it changed over time in any way? If so, why do you think it was modified? If not, why do you think it was preserved so well?

15.   Make a video where you try something from another era. This could be a recipe, tutorial, food dish, hobby, anything! If you are camera-shy, try something new from another era and write about your experience. What did you learn?

16.   Challenge time! Keep a dream journal for a full week (7 days). Did you discover anything new about your inner self? If you don’t dream, keep a journal of your sleep habits for a week. Have you noticed any patterns? Anything to improve or change? What about your current sleep habits is working well for you?

17.   Challenge time! Spend two weeks practicing a new skill. By the end of the two weeks, write a post or journal entry about or make a video demonstrating the skill you learned.  What did you choose to learn? How does this skill enhance your royal life?

18.   Write or make a video about something that you’re passionate about! Why does it excite you? Why do you like it so much? What cool facts could you share about this topic? How did you first get interested in it? Passion and interest are big parts of Royal life!

19.   Challenge time! Do something that is outside of your comfort zone (but still SAFE, okay?). Write about how you felt to push yourself out of your bubble. Was it enjoyable? Did you have fun? If not, what roadblocks do you think stopped you from having a good time? (Examples of this challenge include: cooking if one doesn’t like to cook, learning a new skill that’s high difficulty level, trying a new food, attending a virtual event, etc.)

20.   Give your space a royally good cleaning. If cleaning is bothersome to you, think about it as though you’re doing palace chores! Dress up, play some music, and daydream while you work! (Credit to Princess Skye for this idea, you should read her “Palace Chores” post!)

I am so excited to try out some of these ideas! If you’re looking for more royal-esque goodness, check out my 52 Quaintrelle Writing prompts post!

If you do any of these ideas, leave a comment on this post or tag us on Instagram, or use #OFTreaders on Instagram! I'd love to see your responses!

I do in fact have one last special surprise left in this post .....

OFT Royals is back! I will return to posting OFT Royals content starting with this post! I also am pondering the idea of a OFT royals community, perhaps on Amino again? If anyone has other ideas, please let me know! The OFT Royals community would be a "club" for OFT readers interested in the Royal lifestyle and royals lessons! Members of this "club" would have a space to chat, share content, and would get shoutouts from OFT for sharing responses to posts! This club would also have an emphasis on historical learning! We could even have weekly "meeting" posts where I gave weekly prompts/challenges! Is this of any interest? Let me know! Oh, and I'd probably need a moderator or two!

Okay, I'll stop rambling now! Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Oh, I'm glad to see OFT Royals returning! I loved that series, so I'm really looking forward to its return! For a community I think Amino could work, or maybe Tumblr? I think you could possibly gather some interest on Tumblr, if you posted under the right tags. I wish I could help more, I never could figure out the secret of gaining an online following!

    ~Lady Nicole

    1. I did end up making a forum for it! Would it be alright if I emailed you the link to the forum? I'm still working on it, and I'd love some feedback!


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