Self-Control and Behavior – Royals Lesson!

Ciao Royals! Today’s post is a follow up to last weeks post: “Self-Control and Accountability.” In today’s lesson, we will talk about how self-control relates to behavior.

Self-Control and behavior often go hand-in-hand, and just like self-control and accountability, self-control and behavior are pivotal to living your best life. (Living a ROYAL life!)

How do self-control and behavior go hand-in-hand? And how does it have to do with living a ROYAL life?

To help explain this, let me give some examples that might seem like common sense:

-          During an argument, you decide not to say something mean, instead you opt for conflict resolution.

-          You have a position as a role model/public figure of some sort, so you are careful about what kind of content you post online.

-          Something is wrong with your food order at a restaurant. Instead of being rude to waitstaff and yelling at them, you politely explain that there’s something wrong with your food. 

-          During a busy day at work, a customer is rude to you. Instead of being rude back, you offer a smile and continue to be polite.

-          Someone tells you that you’ve done something inappropriate. Instead of immediately getting angry and denying it, or yelling, you take a moment to look over your own behavior to see if it was inappropriate, and when you answer them, you take their feelings into account.

Can you see the pattern? Instead of choosing to act one way, you exercise self-control and act in another, more positive way.

At its core, self-control is really about introspection. It’s about looking inside yourself, seeing the possible outcomes of your actions, and picking the actions best suited to a good life. Self-Control can’t exist without introspection. If you can’t look at your own behavior from an objective standpoint, you can’t control yourself properly. This can lead to many problems in your life.

Let’s take those examples from before and look at what happens if you don’t exercise self-control:

-          During that argument, you choose to say something really rude and mean. You might end up hurting the other person’s feelings so badly, they might stop talking to you. Or you might lower their self-esteem.

-          Let’s say that instead of using your position as a role model in a positive way, you post hate and get your followers to bully others. You might ruin someone’s life. You could even push someone into taking their own life. Not to mention that you should never use your influence in that way.

-          Something is wrong with your food at a restaurant. Let’s say you do yell and scream at waitstaff for that. They might be having a terrible day already and that might be the last straw and they might end up crying after their shift. Or they might even quit their job!

-          During a busy day at work, a customer is rude to you. Let’s say you choose to be rude right back. You might get fired!

-          Someone tells you that you’ve done something inappropriate, and instead of being introspective and caring about their feelings, you yell and scream at them. You might make them afraid to ever come to you again with their problems and they’ll just end up fearing and resenting you.

So, you can see, if you don’t exercise some self-control over your behavior, you risk losing friends, jobs, opportunities, not to mention you might just end up being a real jerk!

My suggestion if you feel like you might have lost your self-control over your behavior? Be introspective. Look at your behavior objectively. Adjust as needed.

This lesson might be a hard pill to swallow, as none of us ever want to think badly of ourselves, and many of us are naturally biased towards ourselves. But I think if everyone took a look at their own behavior and how it affects others, the world would be a better place.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this lesson. 

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